Pre-market/Post-market/After-market Orders

November 27, 2012


1. Pre-market Orders:

NSE started the concept of pre-open session a few months back to minimize the volatility of securities during the market opening every day. Between 9:00 AM to 9:15 AM is when the pre-market session is conducted on NSE. During the pre-market session for the first 8 minutes (between 9:00 AM and 9:08 AM) orders are collected, modified or cancelled. You can place limit orders/market orders. After 9.08 AM to 9.15 AM no new orders can be placed, orders placed are matched and trades confirmed. So technically you can place orders only for the first 8 minutes and only on equity segment. More on Pre-market orders on this link.

2. Post-market Orders:

Similar to pre-market orders, post-market orders are allowed only for equity trading. The post-market session or closing session is open from 3:40 PM to 4:00 PM. During this session, people can place buy/sell orders in equity (delivery segment using the CNC product code) at the market price, but do note that even if you place a market order it will be placed on the exchange at the closing price. So for example, if the closing price of Reliance at 3:30 PM is Rs. 800, between 3:40 PM and 4:00 PM, you can place market orders to buy/sell Reliance at market price (will be taken at Rs. 800). Post-market session is not very active and you can look at the movement of stocks by opening the marketwatch window from 3:40 PM to 4:00 PM.

3. After-market Orders (AMO):

This facility is available on scheiss-leben for people who can’t actively track the markets from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM. You can place orders any time from 4:00 PM to 8:59 AM (until just before the pre-opening session) for the equity segment and up to 9:09 AM for F&O. So you could plan your trades and place your orders before the market opens. After-market orders can be placed on all the exchange segments. Please note that if you place any after-market order between 9:15 AM and 4:00 PM, they could all be cancelled by 4:00 PM. AMO is allowed only between 4:00 PM and 8:59 AM for equity and up to 9:09 AM for F&O. For currency derivatives, AMO is allowed from 4:00 PM the previous day to 8:59 AM only.

After-market orders are also allowed for commodity trading. After-market orders for commodity can be placed anytime during the day, orders will be sent to the exchange at 10:00 AM (MCX opening). So if you place an after market order at 9:59 it will get sent today and if you place it at 10:01 it’ll get sent tomorrow.

To place an AMO, click on the Buy(B) or Sell(S) for the scrip, click on “More options” at the bottom of the order window and select “AMO”. You can look at the image below to understand better:

Placing an AMO

If you are looking at getting the best fill first thing in the morning, placing a market order at opening is a much better idea than using AMO. We typically have thousands of orders as AMO, which are sent together to the exchange at market opening and this might take a few seconds for the orders to be placed. AMO is a feature mainly for the investing community, who can’t get online during market hours.

Happy Trading,

Nithin Kamath

Founder & CEO @ scheiss-leben, team working towards breaking all barriers that I personally faced as a retail trader for over a decade. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. Getting body fat % in single digit is the next personal endeavor :) .


  1. Madhu says:

    Thank you very much for the info.
    AMO Orders can be placed as limit and Market Orders? please clarify

    • Bhaskar says:

      i had place order during pre-open session, have not get any shares, and after market open i want to cancel the order.. but seems cannot cancel order, can tell me why

    • Nesfield Sangma says:

      Clear this pl. Im completely new. Suppose i place order at Rs100 at 9.05 am. Will this price be valid for whole day ? Will i get that stock at Rs 100 even if the price has come down or gone up ? And when will i get a confirmation of th acceptance or rejection. Do i have to wait till end of daily transactions

  2. Naresh Kumar singla says:

    22.6.17. Sir PL. Help.l want to sell MEL stock. (Meenakshi enterprises) which is trading at Lower Circut since 16/6/17, at pre opening session on 23/6 Today closing is 166.75 (10%) what type of order I should opt
    1Mkt or limit &, if limit then at what price- stateway less 10% of today close(166.75) eg 150.10.
    In fact in all situation I have to exit this stock. As I have trapped by tips giving co.on [email protected]/-

  3. Nithin Kamath says:

    Yes Madhu, AMO can be placed as limit and market, the important thing to know is you cannot modify between 8.45 to 9.15.

    • Sameer says:

      Oh my scheiss-leben Can i use AMO For intraday Please reply soon

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      No sameer,

      AMO can’t be placed during the trading day.

    • Sachin Dsousa says:

      Hi Nithin,

      Y can’t i use AMO order on scheiss-leben web base. Y do i need to only have software to place AMO orders.

      • Sachin,

        AMO is available on the web based version and the HTML5 version. Under Trade on trade express there is an option for AMO and you have a tick box option while trading on Z5.


    • Amol says:

      When AMO order get executed and at which price ???

    • Shanky77 says:

      PRE-MARKET/POST-MARKET/AFTER-MARKET ORDERS can be placed for nfo (futures)?

    • Shiva Prakash says:

      Hi Nithin,
      Is there any price band limit for AMOs on scheiss-leben? e.g. Kotak Securities has +/- 10% of the closing price as price band limit for any scrip; I have account with KS, but not able to grab the opportunities because of this limitation. Now I am looking for better service, hope you can help me.

      • Venu says:

        Order can be placed at any rate, however the Exchanges prescribe an upper and a lower circuit limit within which price the order can get traded. You can open snap quote window to know the upper/lower circuit rates. Prices outside this range will not be accepted.

        If placed outside range, order will get rejected on submission.

  4. Bharath says:

    Dear scheiss-leben,
    What is the purpose of Post Market Session at NSE?

  5. Nithin Kamath says:

    Post Market Session also called Closing session is a special window provided by NSE for investors to close their trading positions if they realize that they don’t have enough money if you have bought stocks or enough stocks if you have sold them. This facility is designed to help in such situations to exit positions. @Zerodha such a situation would probably never happen as we won’t let you buy stocks if there is not enough money and sell stocks if you don’t already have them…

  6. Santhosh says:

    whats the meaning of portfolio and pivot points?

  7. Nithin Kamath says:

    Santhosh, if you have questions to be answered, send them as an email to [email protected] and we will make a blog on them and answer it to you..

  8. Shashi says:

    why they use AMO MARKET?

  9. Nithin Kamath says:

    After market orders(AMO) is usually placed by people who don’t have access to the markets during normal trading hours. For example, if you are a software engineer who can’t access the trading platform during the day, you can place limit orders the previous evening itself using AMO..

  10. Sukesh.m.r says:

    I would like to know on what basis would my order be prioritized when i place an After Market Order (AMO).

    For Example i place an AMO at 7:00PM on one day, at what time would it be released to the market the next day? Suppose there are other people who have placed AMOs for the same stock at the same price then on what basis these orders be prioritized for execution?

    Also I have seen other brokers allowing us to place AMOs from 3:30PM itself however scheiss-leben allows us to place orders only after 6:30PM of the trading day. Please let me know does this in any way affect the priority of my order during execution?

  11. Abhishek Jain says:

    Is AMO applicable to FNO also?

  12. Nithin Kamath says:

    @ Sukesh, what time you place an AMO has no significance on the priority in which your order is executed. As soon as the market opens at 9.15am, all the AMO orders are sent by the broker end. If you are looking at AMO to get the best rate in the first 1 minute of the market opening, it is not the right tool. AMO orders are mainly for people who don’t have access to market during trading hours and want to place orders to enter and exit. If the objective is that it is better that you place an order yourself as soon as the market opens.

    @Abhishek, AMO is allowed on equity and f&o

    • dineshAI says:

      HI scheiss-leben,

      1. Suppose i want to purchase A nifty lot only if market opens above say 6000. What is the best order i should use?
      2. Does your mobile application and you web application supports PMO and AMO as i dont see any such order there please clarify.


  13. Arpit says:

    scheiss-leben I beg to differ my friend has placed AMO order in F&O and successfully executed it.

  14. Nithin Kamath says:

    Thanks for pointing the mistake happened by oversight, yes AMO orders are allowed on all segments, equities, futures and options, Currency and Commodities trading. Please make a note of the same Abhishek

  15. Abdul says:

    Dear Sir

    If i have shares already in my demat account suppose which was purchased few days back,Can I sell the same in the post-market session or closing session which is open from 3:40 PM to 4:00 PM in any of the exchange bse or NSE.

  16. Amerelz says:

    just dropping by to say hey

  17. Pkj says:

    Hi scheiss-leben,
    I would like to know more about cover orders.Can it be placed in all segments.Also can it be done outside market hours.

  18. Shashank says:

    Do we have to place after market order in currency after 5.30PM And before 6.30 Pm.Please mention the correct time in now System.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Shashank, What we meant was that you can place AMO orders anytime after 6.30pm till the markets open the next day… Cheers..

  19. db0174 says:

    Hi, sir if I place any order in post market between 3.40pm to 4.00pm when would it be executed?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      It will be executed immediately. Between 3.40 to 4, you can place only market orders and all buying/selling will happen at the closing price of the stock. You can place only in equity segment and only delivery trades(using product type as CNC)..

  20. Empire says:

    I want my order to have validity of more than one day(like 3 days or 4), how will i do it? Plz reply

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Empire, it is presently possible only for trading commodities where you can choose an order to be either Good till date or Good till cancelled.

      Not possible on equity, you would have to cancel and place a fresh order again.


      • says:

        Why is there such a restriction ? It is very difficult to put a order everyday, for fear we may not be able to place the order on time for the early markets.

        Other brokerages like sharekhan, do provide this option. Is there a reason or plan for scheiss-leben to provide this option?

        • Venu Madhav says:

          We’re doing something to address this. We’ll keep you informed.

          • Satya says:

            Hi scheiss-leben,

            I’m new to scheiss-leben. Would like to know if u have any plans to provide features like ICICI direct’s VTC(order valid till cancel) and cloud order where we can store orders. I am a long time investor and following around 40 stocks, so it’s not an easy task to create order every time. without these features, It will be very time taking.

            • On our list of things to do, will take some time.

              • Saidarshan says:

                Hi Nithin, Yes we would really want to see VTC (Valid till Cancel) feature on scheiss-leben. I hope it is available for us soon

                • Rahul says:

                  Hi Nithin,

                  I am frustrated now by placing ‘Stop loss order’ every day. I have 18 stocks in my portfolio and you can understand how much it’s difficult for me to do a monotonous thing every day at least in this tech era, need a permanent solution. A couple of other users already raised same concern in past.

                  I am a software engineer and don’t think scheiss-leben tech team really needs years to develop this feature.

                  This is very simple ask from us like a small investor who is handling their portfolio by themselves.

        • says:

          Thanks . please help to resolve this asap.

          Being a long term investor, i just want to put a order for long duration, without worrying about every day stock disturbances.

      • RAJENDRA says:

        Any Update?Sir please do it as soon as possible and update us…

        • Venu says:

          Currently NSE cancels all un-executed orders after market closing. We are working on providing this facility, it’ll take some time because of the complexity of the required feature.

    • Shreyas says:

      Any update on this?

      • Venu says:

        Not yet. We’ll keep you posted.

        • Yogendra Pahariya says:

          Hello Nithin/ Venu,
          First thanks for providing such discount brokerage. I am eagerly waiting for GTC (Good till Cancelled) order for a long time as a long term investor. I have been a IIFL customer for years but planning to switch my broker now. IIFL provided this facility (known as VTD) for some time but just noticed that they are withdrawing this awesome feature. It gives me impression that brokers/exchange themselves don’t find it good their interests and trying to get away from it. But, being a pioneer and innovator of such a business model, i would expect scheiss-leben to introduce this feature by enhancing their software even at some premium charge. All your software need to do is to carry forward and schedule all unexecuted orders for day as AMO for next day.
          As of now, I am aware of ICICIDirect and Kotak Sec providing this feature.

          Will appreciate your response.

  21. mitali says:

    Is it mandatory to have a demat a/c for post market orders as the product type is CNC. If not then how can someone place a post market order and is there any leverage?

  22. kinjhoh says:

    nice information. I have small doubt. Pre market timing is from 9.00am to 9.08am and in the same time i can also place AMO(After Market Order)? If yes, then how do place order’s for it??

    Suppose if i want to place a but order for reliance 10 shares by 9.02am…. then how do i place an order.. is it like ctrl+f1(AMO) or nowmal F1 buy order entry??

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      During the pre market time between 9 to 9.08 am, you can place orders normally, the same way you do when market is open using the F1/F2 window.

      You can continue placing AMO orders till 9.15am using the Ctrl+f1 option.

  23. jahirshabeeb says:

    Good evening Sir,

    If i placed an AMO buy order(limit order)after 6.30pm. but tomorrow the price is not reached as i expected, should i modify the order during the market hours? pls reply sir

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Hi Jahir,

      When you place an AMO it gets placed on to the exchange before markets opening.. So yes, if the price is not reached you can go to order book and modify the price during market hours…


      • AJAY says:

        Hello Sir,

        I would like to get some clarification in AMO orders..I am giving some examples here..pls clarify my doubts


        Reliance Communication is closed at Rs.100.00 on 02.01.2015

        I think RCOM will move up with heavy volumes on next trading day

        So I have placed AMO order @ Rs.101.00 @ 9.00 AM (+1.00% difference from closing price).I have placed in NSE Cash&F&O

        1.On next trading day @ 9.15 AM, RCOM is open with a Gap up of +2.00% and its moving to +4.00% difference..

        In this scenario,whether my AMO orders will get executed at 9.15 AM?

        On the opposite side

        2.RCOM is opening without any gap in its price @ Rs.100.00,whether my AMO order will get executed?

        3.RCOM opening with a gap up of +2.00% and coming down to my AMO order price after 9.16 AM,whether my AMO will get executed or not?

        4.RCOM opening with a gap down of -3.00%, whether my AMO order will executed or not?



        • 1. Your order will be remain pending at 101.
          2. Yes, your order will get executed at Rs 100
          3. Yes it will if price drops to 101
          4. Yes it will get executed, at whatever is the opening price.

          • Kishore says:

            To add to the above lets say

            I want to buy xyz who’s ltp is 100, in AMO at a price of 102 as I’m bullish on the stock and I’m willing to go up to 104 and not more than that . But the stock opened at 106 and I don’t want to risk the trade at that high price.
            Now my question, Is there a way to place an AMO with max price that I can go upto rather than going with the market price?

            • Yes, just place a limit price at 104. So it will act like a market order with a max cap of 104.

              • Chirag says:

                1) In commodity market can i put ordered as SL and SL-M in AMO? (For buying or Selling)

                Supposed Commodity market closed and Zinc closed at 179.10 and supposed next day Zinc will open at 179 and no any conformed direction so,

                I want to buy Zinc if price go up above 180 (Its Resistance R1)
                I want to sell Zinc if price go down below 178 (Its Support S1)

                And i am not online user so i can put order in AMO with the help of SL and SL-M?

  24. rf.harsha says:


    I watched this video on how to place order in scheiss-leben:

    In the video it says to select PCode as-CNC for trading delivery (Interday trading),MIS for Intraday square up trading and NRML for F&O trading.But I dont have CNC option at all in my profile,just have MIS and NRML. As I dont much do Intraday trading and not at all do F&O,It doesnt seem to be useful for me without CNC. Please help me on this.

    Ph no:8951351218

    • rf.harsha says:

      It is not PCode, it is Product Type I was asking about

    • rf.harsha says:

      Also please let me know what needs to be selected for making delivery equity orders(i.e.,I buy on one day and sell on some other day)

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      For doing CNC trades in equity, that is to buy stocks and hold it overnight you need to open a demat account with us along with your trading account. If you have opened the demat account and it is not showing up, will have it fixed, but if you want to open a demat account also, shoot an email to [email protected]..

  25. Clinto says:

    I would like to know is there any leverage for after market orders.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Using after market orders, you can place MIS, CNC and NRML orders. MIS is a leverage product, and you can use after market orders to place this..

  26. rf.harsha says:

    I’m new to scheiss-leben. Please let me know the procedure to get money from linked bank account to scheiss-leben trading account.I have linked Canara bank account with scheiss-leben.


  27. jose says:

    AMO is allowed till 9.15am
    Pre market order between 9am to 9.08 am
    State any advantages to one compared to the other

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Premarket orders that you place between 9 to 9.08 is placed on the exchange, whereas AMO is sent to the exchange at the market opening. So if you are looking at getting an execution in the opening few ticks, Premarket orders are definitely much better option….


  28. vikas_ says:

    1. Can pre market orders be placed for fno also?

    2. Since during per market time, numerous people post their orders. At what priority orders are executed when markets open?

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      1. Premarket orders can’t be used for fno, it is allowed only for equity trades. But you can use AMO orders for FNO.

      2. Orders are executed based on price and time. So if 2 people but an order to buy a stock at same price, the person who placed it earlier is filled first.

  29. tks61 says:

    pl. let me know, how to check open posiotions and margines blocked through nest trader?

  30. Varma06 says:

    Can i palce AMO buy and selling order’s in same time in commodities ?

    Suppose the closing price of Gold-M is 26,982 i expected rise in next day open price, is it possible to place buying order @ 26893 and selling order @ 27000 i mean how the order’s is exectued individually or as different order’s ???

    As iam employee i can’t be able to watch market i want to buy @26893 and want to sell it when price reached @ 27000

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Yes Varma,

      You can place AMO orders, 2 different ones for buying and selling at prices you have mentioned.

      They are considered as different orders .Whatever price comes first, that order is executed and the remaining will be pending.


  31. rameshkatyayan says:

    dear scheiss-leben,
    pl. let me know the advantages and disadvantages of trading with the start of the opening bell that is exactly at 9.15 A.M. and then exiting out at or before 11 a.m.? I think we can pick up the initial support prices to enter in this way.

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Had missed your question.

      Entering exactly at 9.15am is tricky because there is still a certain price discovery happening and you would not know where exactly the price would settle. It is always best to let market settle down for atleast 5 mins before entering a position

  32. KumarVinny says:

    Dear Sir,
    Does scheiss-leben provide single trading platform for equity, currecy and commodity. If yes Do we require separate margin.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Yes, we have single platform for you to trade equity/currency/commodity on NSE, BSE, MCX-SX, MCX

      Equity and currency can be traded with single margin, but commodity would need separate margin.

  33. rameshkatyayan says:

    thank you sir for the timely and valuable advice since i was saved from a ridiculous situation today itself.

  34. KumarVinny says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am from jharkhand . what will be stam duty fo me?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Presently, Stamp duty will be according to Karnataka Stamp act. 0.01% with a maximum of Rs 50/contract note.

  35. KumarVinny says:

    Sir can I change my email id and mobile number by loging in scheiss-leben back office without filling and singing any physical form.

  36. Chris says:

    I have an order placed in the system as a stop loss, which i am trying to cancel after hours. however i am getting an error cancellation failed.

    any idea why .? tried calling phone banking, on saturday at 10.30 no one answered, is the phone number available 24 X 7

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      We work till 4pm on Saturday, between 8.30am to 11.30 pm on weekdays. Guess your issue must have been sorted.

  37. Sajeev says:


    Please let me know if for equities, scheiss-leben allows stop loss orders during AMO. For eg. if Reliance closed the day at 872 with a high of 880, can I place an order specifying that Reliance should be bought if it goes beyond 880 with a limit of 890 at 9 pm in the night for tomorrow’s trading or has it got to be a limit order only. I am in the process of opening a trading account with scheiss-leben and would also like to consider scheiss-leben for the demat account if stop loss orders are possible during AMO. My current broker ICICI only allows limit orders during AMO.



    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Yes you can place limit, market and stoploss orders in AMO. If reliance is trading at 880 and if you want to place an AMO order to buy only if reliance goes to 890 which is higher than the market price you need to use a buying stop loss order with a trigger price of 890.

      Check this blog on Stop loss orders. But yep the facility is definitely available.


  38. adeepvalueinvestor says:

    Can we post pre-market orders during weekends?

    How can I create a basket order of limit orders and submit it during the weekend to trade on Monday? How can I increase the chance of execution if it is illiquid small caps i.e. can I execute an algorithm?

    • adeepvalueinvestor says:

      Sorry, I don’t mean pre-market order, I mean after market order (AMO).

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Yes you can place basket orders as AMO. Go to orders and trades, After market order and then click on basket order.

      To be able to use execution based algo’s you will need to have a dealer terminal and is not possible on retail client terminals.


    • adeepvalueinvestor says:

      Thank you for your reply. Appreciate it.

      Any plans of making the algorithm available to retail customers? It would be really helpful for small / midcaps.

      In the meantime, what do you suggest to retail traders buying small / midcaps. How can we acquire positions without too much impact cost? I have heard market orders are risky; if I put a limit order for 1000 shares, will it automatically buy in lots of 100 or will it show a bid for 1000 shares on the market?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      We do have algos for better execution of orders, it is called i3, check this blog. Presently i3 is allowed only for dealer terminals and unless you are someone who trades very big quantities, it doesn’t make sense to subscribe for this product.

      What you could do is use the disclosed quantity feature while buying and selling stocks. In your buy/sell order window, if you want to buy 1000 shares, mention quantity as 1000 but disclosed quantity as 100. This way on the market depth window only 100 shares will show up, but actually your order is for 1000.

      Placing market orders on illiquid mid/small caps can be pretty risky.


  39. Gkrishnan says:

    HI scheiss-leben,

    Sorry to post this question here, not sure where it should be placed….anyway, Where is the option to see the Index (Historical and Intraday) Chart, for especially NIFTY (SPOT)..

    Your Quick response is highly appreciated.

    Many thanks

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      You can look at the charts for only what can be added on the marketwatch. So you can look at the nifty futures historical chart by adding nifty futures on the chart. But you cannot add the chart of the underlying nifty(spot).

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Gkrishnan Aug 6 2013, 12:08 pm
      Do you have a facility to add Nifty Spot in Market watch, so that we can have the chart in the terminal??
      [ Click to thank ]Reply

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      No presently we can’t.

  40. lakshmihv says:

    Can someone please let me know if it is possible to place an order that gets executed based on the execution of another order? For example i place an order to buy xyz shares at price p1. I want to place a buy order at price p2 and sell order at price p3. Both of them should be open only when the first order at price p1 is executed while only one of the orders at price p2 or p3 should get executed. In a nut shell i want to exit with a pre-specified profit or loss.
    Thanks in advance and anxiously awaiting a reply.

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Such an order is called as a bracket order, unfortunately exchanges presently consider it is algo’s and don’t approve this for retail clients.
      You can manually place a profit order and stop loss, but will have to cancel once the other is executed manually. But what you are asking is presently not possible.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      lakshmihv Aug 8 2013, 11:09 pm
      Thanks for the reply. But I just searched the net and found that bracket orders are being allowed by sharekhan. I will ask my friends about it and get back to you.
      [ Click to thank ]

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Lakshmi, Sharekhan is presently allowing it only for equity segment and not for futures and options. For equity segment we have also gone to exchange for approval of this product.


  41. dinsjoy says:

    I wants to buy / sell 20 different shares at open price or nearer to open price, on intraday basis with leverage. can i place this orders before market opening or any alternative solution?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      You can use Basket order for this, check this Blog. You can save a basket of the 20 different orders on an excel sheet and load it either as an after market order the previous evening or you can place it during the day.


  42. Faisal says:

    Very good information. Thanks to scheiss-leben for sharing the knowledge.

  43. VSKumar says:

    Dear team,
    I want to buy Vivimed laboratories which is hitting its upper circuit from past 10 sessions….
    today it is closed at 164.50…5% up from its previous session….
    how I have to place an order to buy it..??? Post-market order or Pre-market order…???
    And at what rate i have to place the order…164.50 or more..???
    and 1 more question….
    now the stock is locked at 5% upper circuit and when it starts hitting lower circuit it will be locked at 5% or the lock is totally removed….
    And Are these type of shares safe…????

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      When a stock is hitting circuit it wil be very tough to buy it because the reason it is hitting circuit is because there are no sellers. If there are no sellers, there is no way you can buy be it in market, pre market or after market. How to place a pre/after market is already explained in the blog above,

      Is it safe to trade these kind of stocks? Absolutely not, the same way it can hit upper circuit continously, it can also hit lower circuits continously..


  44. Waman says:

    I had placed a market order in DLF in pre-market session today, but after the market opened, it got converted into a limit order at the opening price instead of getting executed. Can you explain this?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Waman, you can check page 14 on this link, if market orders are not matched, it can get converted to limit order.


  45. sharekumar says:


    1.If I Buy Stock today on delivery bases and price of that Stock goes up in today’s trading session, So I decide to Sell them tomorrow using BSTS. My question is Can I Sell this Stocks in tomorrow’s Pre-Open Session?

    2.for example, I Buy Stocks of XYZ company on delivery basis. and after some time that company Delist or Suspended from that particular exchange. so Can I Sell that stocks?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      1. Yes you can sell it in BTST in pre-open. But do read the risks of trading in BTST on this blog.

      2. If a company delist from the exchange you will not be able to buy/sell on the exchange. If you have got stocks, you need to tender it back to the company or find a buyer for it out of the exchange.


  46. svasudevan05 says:

    Is it possible to have more than one order window displayed at the same time,say NF and option/two cash scrips so that sudden ups and downs can be capitalized in two or more scrips to enter / the same time.

    Now I am keeping one order window open, put the order at market and click submit when I want and then click another scrip,click F1/F2,put order at market and execute by which time rate has already gone up down by a few points,it can be even10/20 points say in bank nifty.
    SL/limit order -I can place before hand for any number of scrips but for market orders….
    Any way out (to cheer!)

  47. SaikiranGarapati says:


    Can i place a AMO through web site? Please let me know when i tried to do the same, it is giving me a rejected status in orderbook..If i can not place an order through web access, please let me know how to download the software and better put a facility in web also,bcz i can not access the terminal in my office………..


  48. dinsjoy says:

    can i place the cover order as a pending order?
    ie: i wants to buy LIC shares at a rate of 140 and suppose the current market price is 150, can i place this order as a market order?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      dinsjoy Sep 6 2013, 1:11 pm
      sorry the above mentioned question have one mistake this is the currect question

      can i place the cover order as a pending order?

      ie: i wants to buy LIC shares at a rate of 140 and suppose the current market price is 150, can i place this order as a pending order?

      [ Click to thank ]Reply

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      There is an entire blog on Cover orders, do check there.

      Cover orders have to be placed market with stoploss markets.


  49. babula says:

    whenever I place limit amo on commodity,it is never executed. even if the market price crosses my limit price at the opening market.what is the reason. I place amo from 9.50 a.m to 9.56a.m thanks babula bhuyan

    • Hanan says:

      Babula, I think we’ve answered your query by phone. This information is for all other users: We cannot place regular orders before the market opens. Before the market opens or after the market closes, you can only place AMO.
      Regular orders can be placed only when the markets are open. I hope this clarifies.

  50. ASH says:

    i am a beginner and have one doubt. if i buy 100 shares of XYZ @Rs.100 and want to restrict my losses to Rs.3 per share, i put a SL-M order on the sell order entry,at a trigger price of Rs.97, correct ?

    now also, if i want to put a sell order for a target price of Rs.105, should i do this order by admin positions in square off facility or should i put another sell order for a limit price of Rs.105 in another sell order entry ? Please advice

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      1. yes.

      2. You can place your sell order either from admin positions or use a fresh selling order, it doesn’t matter.


      • subramanya says:

        Hi, its an continuation to ASH question, if SL-M triggers at 97 and again that stock crosses 105, that time it will considered as SHORT ? or other order will be cancelled automatically if SL-M/TGT hits ?

  51. Souravdddd says:

    Hi I tried to place a sell limit AMO yesterday night but the order did not go through stating an error “price entered is not a multiple of tick size”
    Can you please let me know why his is happening… When is the window open for AMO on Monday morning trade….

    • Hanan says:

      As the error suggests, you have to place your order in multiples of the tick size. Could you please elaborate on which commodity you’re trying to place the order for? Generally, the tick size on NSE is 5 paise and for most commodities it is 5 paise. For some commodities, the tick size is 1 rupee.

      AM orders for EQ are open from 5 PM till 8 AM the next morning.
      AM orders for Commodity are open 24 hours, but are sent at 10:00 AM every morning!

  52. PravinPawar says:

    How to place pre-market orders?

  53. PravinPawar says:

    Do you (Zerodha) provide the facility to trade in pre open session And post market session ?? if yes, with which product type (CNC OR MIS) ??
    And warm diwali wishes to scheiss-leben team.. Haappyy Diwalli..

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Thanks Pravin for the wishes,

      Happy Diwali to you and your family,

      You can place orders in pre-open either as CNC or MIS, no restrictions on that.


  54. Sajeev says:


    I feel that the scheiss-leben platform could be more error prone for people who use After Market Orders. Let me illustrate my point with an example – On 18th November I purchased 6300 Calls on both ICICI and scheiss-leben. On the 18th Nov night I decided that a target price of 39 was reasonable (it had closed around 34).

    On ICICI, I went into my current open positions hit the square off link, specified the limit price of 39 and the order was queued for next day.

    On scheiss-leben for the same transaction, I have to go and place a Sell AMO for 6300 Call. However this is error prone especially for people who trade in Out of the money options. For eg. Lets say my intention is to square off my existing 6300 Call for 39. However in the AMO sell option in error I choose the strike price of 6200 instead of 6300. If this gets executed the result would be that instead of squaring off my existing position I have written/sold a naked call of 6200 (assuming I have the requisite margin in my account) for 39 or above.

    I would suggest that for existing open positions, 2 links be provided – (a) Market Square off (which can be disable during off market hours) (b) After Market Hours – If one clicks this then it provides options for either a limit, stop loss or market square off and the order gets stored as an AMO. This will minimize chances of error.

    Thanks and warm regards,


  55. Sukesh says:

    Hello Nithin, Thanks for this informative blog.

    My question is does my AMO-Stop Loss Order get triggered by the huge fluctuations that usually occurs in the pre market session?

    I believe there is no trade executed in the pre marketing session but only order matching so the opening price of the day is determined exactly when its 9:15AM so the stop loss orders should not be executed in the pre market session – Please confirm this understanding.


    • Sukesh,

      All AMO orders get entered into the exchange at 9.15am and hence all the weird ticks in pre-market won’t affect any of your triggers.


      • Sukesh says:

        Thanks for the reply, can you please confirm my understanding that there is no trade that takes place in the pre market session whatsoever, both in equities & f&o, its only the order entry and matching that takes place.


  56. JAY S M says:

    Can we place AMO for intraday??

  57. Sukesh says:


    1) What are the reasons that result in violent activity in the pre market session? is it some kind of a trick played by someone for some reason?

    2) Is there any particular reason why the pre market session randomly closes between 7th & 8th minute? What is the reason for this random closure?


  58. mknits says:

    I’ve a small doubt. Do scheiss-leben charge anything extra on AMO?

  59. mkk157 says:

    Hello There,

    Why there is no feature to square-off the positions from the trading account ? Why should a trader / investor always calculate the position using Excel sheet ?

    • Hanan says:

      Sorry, we don’t understand your question. We do have a square off button for squaring off positions and equity holdings from the trading terminal. Everything is calculated automatically in the terminal and there’s no manual calculation required at scheiss-leben.

      • mkk157 says:

        Hi Hanan,
        Great to see your responses on Z-Connect.
        I use both Market Watch and Trade Express platforms to trade.

        I’m talking about Sqaure-off facility for “Option” contracts. I was not even provided any support from the the executives to understand about the trading platform, no manuals provided. It’s irritating using your trading software with limited facilities.

  60. Bala says:

    Hi Nithin,
    The PMO link is broken. How do we place such orders?

  61. Shravan says:

    Dear nithin,
    Need clarification regarding post market session….
    Today I obseved Post session for 1st time…
    There were no sellers for some scripts and there were no buyers for some scripts…
    How can the orders get executed when there are no buyers or sellers…
    Pls clarify…

  62. Shravan says:

    Dear nithin,
    I need mobile trading account…
    For my account rk0325…
    How can I get password….
    Pls clarify…

  63. Krish says:

    Hello scheiss-leben,

    Two queries.

    1. If I’d place an AMO order with product type MIS in equity seg, will it automatically gets square off at 3:20 PM if I won’t square it before that.

    2. Today(Saturday), I tried to place a basket order(using web TradeExpress) for 2 equities with LIMITs and MIS as the product type. After clicking on the place button I got some msg like ‘Do you want to send this basket order to exchange?’, I clicked on OK. But I couldn’t find any traces of those orders neither in Order Book or Trade book. I even checked if it has blocked any margin but it didn’t. I thought the orders will be rejected as the prod type was MIS or atleast I should get an error for it( as somewhere in the blog its mentioned that value for each order in the basket should be more than Rs 1 lakh, and I had only 28k on my accnt). please can you see what is the id is DK0646.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Krish

      1. Yes, all MIS positions and orders get squared off and cancelled respectively by 3.20pm.

      2. Krish, can you try this again on Monday, today we are running server maintenance and could be the reason for the rejection.


  64. SDM says:

    Thanks for excellent blog. Last couple of days at market closure price exhibited on our trading system is not what is shown later in the day as closing price on stock exchange. Sometimes difference is 50 or 60 points in bank nifty. Would you kindly explain the reason and how can it be avoided in our sell or purchase at closure.

    • SDM,

      The closing price is the weighted average price of all trades that happen in the last half hour of trading. Usually many people assume that last traded price at 3.30pm is the closing price, but it is not. The closing price after the calculation is updated around 10 minutes after market closing. Hopefully this helps,


      • Rafi says:

        Hi Nithin,

        My query is not related to post, but would request an answer.

        I am using Z5 for trading. Where can I see my portfolio? ( My investment and current value of holding). I need this badly in order to understand where I am with regards to my investment.

        • Venu Madhav says:

          Hi Rafi,
          On the holdings window in Z5, click the ‘+’ button and the holdings window will show you your portfolio value..Here’s how it looks:
          To view your Profit/Loss you’ll have to access your Backoffice and view the Account Analysis report under NSE EQ.

          • Rafi says:

            Hi Madhav,
            Thank you for the quick response. I have these issues with Z5

            1. I need to take calculator to know my total stocks value as it shows BSE and NSE separately and no total.

            2. What exactly these BSE/NSE values. The stocks are in demat and most of them can be traded on both NSE/BSE. So does it show cumulative values? Why can’t you just show the purchase value and current BSE/NSE values along with each stock and profit/loss. That would be much convenient. Please have a look at or Sharekhan portfolio for example.

            • Venu Madhav says:

              1. The application shows the value of ALL the stocks on BSE & NSE separately.For eg. if you hold 10 shares of Reliance Industries and if its trading at 798 on NSE and 802 on BSE, then the NSE valuation would show 7980 and the BSE valuation would show 8020. Similarly it would show the value of all stocks for each of the Exchanges provided such stocks are trading on the Exchange.

              2. We’re revamping our BO and these features are included in it..We’ll be rolling out the beta of the new Backoffice very soon..

  65. Anwar says:

    Dear scheiss-leben,

    Is there any minimum order amount for placing AMO in equities?

    • Hanan says:

      Check out page for more details on our policies and procedures. These are subject to change depending on market conditions.

      Here are the guidelines for AMO:
      AMO (After-Market Orders) will be allowed only if the value of each order is above Rs. 25,000.
      AMO will be cancelled if the price entered is more than 10% away from the LTP in either direction.

    • Yes Anwar, Rs 25,000 worth of equity atleast in AMO.

      • Anwar says:

        Well..thank you. But what is the reason behind this lower limit on AMO? With my previous broker (sbicap securities) there was no restriction on order amount.

        I am a person with no access to trading terminal during trading hours. Small AMO orders in sequence over some days was my way of making a position in a stock. It helps to average out stock price for medium term investments. Can you consider revising the limit downwards, at least to Rs 10,000?

  66. Prabhu Ram says:

    Is the Basket After Market Order banned from today(14th FEB 2014)? I can’t find it in the menu.
    Also, I can’t place an AMO between 9:10 to 9:14, also from today.

    If I split a order for the same symbol into multiple pieces, would it count as as single order.
    Say, I place an order for a stock as three different orders (10K,10K,10K) would it be constituted as a single order. If Basket AMO is banned, then there is no question of the above scenario though?

    Also, may I know the reason if it could be shared (I believe too many market orders at the start would drive the price up sharply)

  67. Prabhu Ram says:

    Hope I could still place orders of any value once the market is open

  68. Maddy says:

    After I place a AMO order where do I see the order to modify and cancel it…..

  69. Anwar says:

    Dear Nithin,

    ….think you missed my second question. Is it possible to reduce the minimum order limit for AMO in equities? And is there any particular reason for this limit, means if it can be shared?

  70. Pradip says:


    • All data feeds that are given by the exchange is shared on the trading platform. So yes if there are trades happening in the premarket, you can see the volume on the platform.


  71. dins says:

    hi sir, i have few questions

    1.which order will get the priority

  72. Karuna says:

    Dear Hanan/Nithin,

    I am a swing trader. Say I’ve 10 positions open. To punch stop price for all 10 trades every morning at 9:15am is difficult. So can I use AMO to punch stop order the previous day itself?


  73. Ravi Kiran says:

    Hi Nithin : I’m not able to put pre-market orders. Order is being rejected and the message i’m getting is ” Trading system is not available” ! why is this happening?

    • Hanan says:

      Ravi, pre-market orders can be placed only between 9:00 and 9:07 AM. If you’re placing them before 9:00 AM, you’ll get this message. If you would like to place orders before the market opens, use our After Market Order (AMO) facility.

  74. Ravi Kiran says:

    @ Hanan : Nope, I’m placing order in between 9:00 to 9:07 only and the order has been rejected, but the same order is exeucted when i placed afer 9:15 !!

  75. Ravi Kiran says:

    @Hanan : Today, pre market order got cancelled with a message ” order with invalid attributed”

    • Hanan says:

      Ah-ha! Got it, Ravi. 🙂 The thing is you’ve been placing a Cover Order in the pre-open session. You can place only CNC or MIS orders on the pre-open session. The logic behind this is that CO and BO are grouped orders, which means that one order has to be executed for the other order to be sent out. This won’t be possible in pre-market or AMO settings, so you’ll have to use MIS or CNC.

  76. Ravi Kiran says:


  77. Mitesh Shah says:

    Hello…Mitesh Shah here. i want to add Nest Plus charting software in my how to add & whts the process. pls contact me on 9769915377

  78. rajendra says:


    Could you clarify the following question of mine.

    I read above that one can not modify AMO order between 8:45 to 9:15. But, can new order be placed between 8:45 and 9:15am?

  79. Piyush says:

    Is MIS allowed for Pre market Orders

  80. nishant garg says:

    nithin sir if a person places a limit order in equity intraday trading and suppose the stock reach the specified price, how much time it will have to be steady there at specified price for execution

  81. nishant garg says:

    sir whether a limit order can be placed of the same stock again after its first execution?

  82. George Aikara says:

    Can AMO be modified during trading hours? And which product code to be used to place the same?

    • AMO once market opens becomes either NRML/CNC/MIS, based on what you had chosen while placing it before market opening. So you just have to go modify this order from the order book once market opens.

  83. Tanuj Singh says:

    Sir i place my order at 9:10 am and when market opened till that time my order was not executed and I got refrained from a profit of Rs 3/- per share,after the increment of share value my order was executed and i got only less profit.
    Sir what should i do so that my order gets immediately executed when market opens and i get maximum profit.
    Hoping for your kind response.

    • Tanuj, your orders will get executed only at 9.15am only once the market opens, you can’t really execute your orders before market opens. When market opens and if you have placed an AMO order, there is a big queue and it is very tough to say what will be the price you get in the first 1 minute, this is something which is not in anyone’s control.

  84. Robin says:

    Hi Nithin,
    1) Is it possible to place an MIS order as an AMO?…i,e. order that I want to trade intraday.
    2) Will I get the normal Margin exposure given for MIS orders?
    3) Is Bracket order and trailing S/L facility available for MIS order as an AMO?

  85. Robin says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Please refer to earlier message (just above this)…
    1) The reason why I asked if margin exposure will be available for MIS order as an AMO is that because, in the margin exposure page on this site, it is mentioned that margin exposure is available only from 9.15 am to 3.20 pm (auto square off). This means that any order done before 9.15 am will not get margin exposure (AMO orders done before 9.15 am)
    2) If Bracket order is an order type like MIS and CNC,… can BO orders be placed as an AMO and also get the exposure limits of BO?

    • Robin,

      1. When you place an AMO order, it is sent to the exchange only once the market opens, so yes you can place MIS orders as AMO
      2. For now BO can’t be placed, but it should be possible in the next few months.

  86. Robin says:

    Hi Nithin,
    What about pre-market order?….Can I place a MIS order in pre-market (9.00 am to 9.08 am) using the margin exposure applicable?…
    e.g. if I have Rs.10,000 in my trading account, and want to buy SBI (9X exposure) using MIS code (strictly intraday) … during pre-open (9.00 am to 9.08 am)…then can I buy for 85,000 (5000 less than 9X to accommodate brokerage, taxes and loss if any) in pre-market section?

  87. Robin says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am about to open an account with scheiss-leben…. But was a little confused about AMO & pre-market orders on scheiss-leben. The executive was also not sure about these details…and actually gave a total opposite picture of what u have replied.
    I have been trading for the past 2 yrs mainly using AMO with Bajaj Capital-Justtrade. Before changing to scheiss-leben, just wanted to make sure that scheiss-leben suits my method of trading.
    That’s why, I have been bothering u with all these questions.
    Thanks in advance.

  88. Arun says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Just signed up.

    Just so I understand your previous response of Feb 18th correctly, I can place AMO for amounts less than 25000 (e.g., 10 shares of NIFTYBEES @ 750 = 7500 ) correct ?

    Your policy document here: doesn’t seem to reflect the change.
    Could you please clarify.

    Thanks very much.

    • Arun, as long as you are using it for genuine purposes there is no Rs limit, you can buy/sell for as much as you want using AMO. Some of our clients were misusing this by placing hundreds of orders at prices way above or below the market price and hence that condition remains on the Policy document.

      best of luck,

  89. siva says:

    AMO order(MCX) at what sec it’s send to exchange ex:10:00:00 am

    and if i placed AMO market order in priority means it will trade in open price? or it jump open price?

  90. Saurabh says:

    can the AMO order be place for barcket order.

  91. Robin says:

    Hi Nithin,
    While placing a Pre Market order, is it possible to place
    1) a Bracket order using the extra leverage ?
    2) a Cover order at market price using the extra leverage?
    3) a Cover order with limit price using the extra leverage?
    4) after entering in pre-market, when the market opens, can the square off exit order be placed with out any extra margin requirement?

  92. Robin says:

    Hi Nithin,
    If I have used all the margin exposure to buy (in MIS) in PRE OPEN – between 9.00 AM to 9.08 AM… can I place an exit SELL order for the bought stock as an AMO between 9.08 AM and 9.15 AM ? (all the margin has been used to buy)

  93. prakash says:

    Sir, May I know about the rejection of Buy order..?

    • Rejection can be either because you are using the wrong product type, placing orders much higher or lower below the current market price or if there is no sufficient funds.

  94. dins says:

    can i use the website platform for trading during the preopen market(9-9.07 am)

  95. Saurabh Agarwal says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Could you please answer my below two questions :
    1. Is there any future plan to enable BO orders in website terminal(Z5).
    2. Is there any possibility/future plan to enable BO for After-market orders ?

    Saurabh Agarwal

    • 1. It might take a while.
      2. hmm.. this is a little tricky actually and may not be possible in its current form.

      • Saurabh Agarwal says:

        Hi Nithin,

        Thanks for your quick reply but not sure about the complexity/trickiness in enabling the BO order for After-market order and in the website terminal.

        While opening the account, I was told that these features will be soon introduced in web terminal as well.
        Basically the problem is, my work timing are 10am to 6pm and in my office laptop, i can’t install any personal use software so kindly tell me how can I make use of facilities provided by your company.


        • Saurabh,

          Presently we use a vendor Reuters (earlier Omnesys) for technology, Bracket orders is designed by them for us. The way they have designed is that it requires live market rates to determine the range within which SL/target can be mentioned. (When the markets are closed, the prices compared vis a vis to when it opens in the morning could have a big gap).
          Introducing this on web terminal is something that we are working on.

  96. Srini says:

    Hi Nithin,

    When is new platform releasing and will it have bracket order enabled for AMO? and if so, can you facilitate it to trigger when the last traded price is within a specified range?


  97. Bhanu Arora says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,

    Can you please answer following questions?

    1. Can AMO be placed between 9.07 AM (after pre mkt session) to 9.15 AM (before normal mkt session) ? if yes, will these orders be sent to exchange at 9.15 AM the same day.?

    2. I read that you mentioned that Basket orders do not support Bracket orders or cover orders at the moment. Do you have any plans on implementing such features in near future ? I do understand the complexities associated w/ bracket orders and users mis-using this facility and causing big overheads for you.

    3. Also, as you mentioned brackets and cover orders are not available under AMOs. will this be added in coming months ?

    Actually i am looking to trade a basket of genuine 20-25 stocks, placed before the normal market opens, with limit price, exit price and stop loss price well defined.


    • 1. yes
      2. I doubt if this can be done in the very near future.
      3. It is a risk management issue to let this happen as AMO as during the opening ticks when the market is illiquid, this can go haywire.

  98. Bhanu Arora says:

    Hi Nithin, Thanks for the prompt reply.

    For 3rd, just a suggestion, you can add this functionality only for stocks to start with. and also provide no leverage for such trades (for ex: client has to keep 100% equity for buy trades and 150% equity for sell trades) as in principle AMO orders are not intra-day orders.


  99. Bhanu Arora says:

    Hi Nithin, Please ignore my last message. I think i wrongly assumed the issues you face in implementing Bracket orders in AMO.
    As you mentioned the risk management issue, in my opinion, the users of Bracket orders in AMO should bear the risk of getting their stop losses hit near the market open and they should put these triggers wide enough for illiquid securities.
    Sending an AMO without using a stop loss is a big risk for retail investor, and specially for the people who can not track the market during the day and generally use AMO for trading.

    I hope you understand the issue.


  100. You article on pre market order and post market order informative. Over time I create my own Intraday Trading Formula to reap the maximum benefit from my trading. Success rate of trading formula amaze me, I don’t hesitate that. Some time this formula FAIL in volatile market. Hope I will solve it in future.

    Can you suggest me another Intraday trading system? It will help me as well as many like me to earn money from stock market. I will awaited for your next amazing article on stock trading.

  101. Amateur says:

    I have few doubts in AMO
    1. Suppose I’m buying(AMO) idea at 172 using buy limit and price at 172
    2 I want to sell it when the price goes to 173
    3, If I put sell amo with SL-M and trigger price at 171,
    4 Here the share gets sold only when it reaches 171 or below?
    5 How to sell the share at 173 and above?

    Kindly explain them


    • Firstly, you will not be able to place a sell order in CNC(delivery trades) unless you have shares already in the demat account. So if this is a fresh trade and for intraday, then you can do it this way.

      AMO buy limit at 172 in MIS
      AMO SL-M with trigger at 171 in MIS
      AMO sell limit at 173 in MIS

      • Haridev Singh says:

        Is it possible to place sl-m order as AMO
        eg. closing price of Axis bank at 562 and with hope of high volatility can I able to place a BUY ORDER at 566 as sl-m and a sell order at on next day if Axis opens below 560 then what will happens to my AMO order?? please clarify.

  102. Guruprasad says:

    How do I go about buying a stock that I am sure will hit upper circuit on Monday? Can I place an AMO early morning on saturday specifying it as a Market Order? Will it go first in the Q when the market opens on Monday so that I will be able to buy it before it hits the circuit?

    • Catching the first tick in the morning is luck of the draw, there is nothing you can do that can increase the probability. AMO is as good as placing market order at 9.15am on monday.

      • Rafi says:

        Hi Nithin,
        This is exactly my question sometimes back. I understand it’s luck, but since Exchange, scheiss-leben and everyone else in between is using technology and automated this process, there should be a method in orders getting executed. Is it purely time based? When we place an AMO at 5.30 pm evening, is it placed immediately with the exchange or scheiss-leben just store and send it at next morning?

        Please try to explain the process so that we can try to place and do something ’bout than just relying on ‘luck.

  103. Option Trader says:

    Hi Nithin,

    1) If I am selling options and squaring it off the same day – intraday – can I use MIS. IF so what would be the margin amout block for selling option.

    2) If I am selling an options and executing a stop loss for the same. If not trigerred today. I carry the selling position tomorrrow…will the stop loss will also get carried tomorrow.

    3) I am selling an option ce at 80. will put stop loss at 90. Stop loss not triggered today. Will carry my selling positon tomorrow. I think stop loss is still at 90. Tomorrow market opens at 100. Will my stop loss get trigerred at 90 or 100?

    Any other best alternative for the above situation – especially question 3…please reply

    • 1. Yes, 40% of the overnight margin(NRML) requirement.
      2. No, all pending orders are removed from the cache by exchange everyday. So you will have to place this order again tomorrow.
      3. No as explained above. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to cover the overnight risk. The best you can do is place an AMO (after market order) for your stoploss everyday.

  104. Option Trader says:

    Thanks for the reply.

    Following above scenario – 3——I put a AMO at 90/-. So if market opens at 100. Will order be executed at 90 Or 100.

    So One Sell Position and then one AMO buy position. After execution all positions are neutralized. Will not be having any open positions.

    Please Clarify.

    • It depends on if you are using SL or SL-M. If you are using a SL with limit, the SL order will get triggered but if your limit is less than 100, the order will become pending.

      If you use SL-M, the order gets triggered and the position will be bought back the best available market price, in this case Rs 100.

      Yes once the AMO is executed, all positions are neutralized.

  105. Francis.A says:

    Can i place an AMO order in Mobile platform ? If yes, step by step procedure please

  106. Nikunj Modh says:

    How to place AMO on android plateform.. procedure please..

    • Hanan says:

      AM orders cannot be placed on the mobile platform as it is available only on the Desktop and Web versions. If you would like to place AMO only from your mobile and not your computer, then you must use Z5 to place an AMO.

  107. gaurav keshwani says:

    when in trying to place AMO order it is getting this error.Plz do something

    Admin stopped AMO…I was trying to placed order at 8 pm..

  108. NAVEEN KUMAR says:


    Suppose we place a AMO order . how we came to know order placed or not ? is there any alert we received to our mobiles when order is placed ?

  109. NAVEEN KUMAR says:

    i have opened trading account and commodity account separately. Because of this reason i am using using now for nse and scheiss-leben trader for commodity. is it possible to club all the accounts into scheiss-leben trader ?

  110. NJ says:

    Hi Nithin,
    today I saw crude oil in international market falls 4 dollar so I short crude oil in AMO but it reject my order after market opens by showing margin exceeds required although i have 40000 in my account & normal margin required for crude oil is around 24000 as shown in your site. Also I put a price much less than the opening price in limit order. Now please clear me how much margin do we really required to short a trade in AMO. Again if the order exceeds the required margin it should reject it immediately during its placement but it shows pending there & got rejected after the market opens.

    • Hanan says:

      We’ve checked your order report. The reason your order didn’t go through is because you placed an order for 100 lots of crude, not 1 lot. You need to understand that in MCX all commodities are viewed by lots, not weights. If you wish to buy 1 lot of crude, just choose 1 and this will buy you 1BBL of crude.

  111. NJ says:

    Dear Hanan,
    I put only 1 lot on that day. otherwise it would immediately reject the order but it shows pending & just after opening it got rejected.

  112. NJ says:

    Hi Nithin/Hanan,
    today I put a buy order for natural gas at 266.5 where as it opened at 264.9 but my order rejected and it shows RMS rule: check freeze quantity for MCX commodity for entity account DN0771. I am attaching a screen shot of the error it shows. May I know what it means?

    My second question is how opening prices of commodities at MCX decided? is it like NSE & BSE or something different.

  113. Deepak says:

    Hi Nithin,

    First of all kudos to the enthusiasm with which you are looking after all the comments here, I need to know what should be the best strategy to grab a stock which is speculated to hit upper-circuit as soon as opening. Does queuing up early using the AMO a better strategy, if yes which is better AMO or Pre-market order for this situation.


    • If a stock is going to hit upper circuit at the opening, there is nothing you can actually do other than placing a limit order at the upper circuit price and hope that someone sells it and you get filled. AMO orders doesn’t give any added advantage, they are sent to the exchange after the market opens.

  114. […] Pre-market/Post-market/After-market OrdersZ-Connect … – Nithin Kamath Post author. Post Market Session also called Closing session is a special window provided by NSE for investors to close their trading positions if they …… […]

  115. Siddharth says:

    Hi Nithin,

    If I place a market order during pre-market and the order is not matched then:

    1. Will it be moved to normal market at 9:15 or will it be automatically cancelled?

    2. Will it remain a market order or will it be converted to a limit order?


  116. […] Pre-market/Post-market/After-market OrdersZ-Connect by … – Traders, 1. Pre-market Orders: NSE started the concept of pre-open session a few months back to minimize the volatility of securities during the market… […]

  117. amit says:

    i need amo and full market depth plz contact me 09352006085

    • Hanan says:

      AMO is available for all our clients by default. You can use Ctrl+F1 to buy and Ctrl+F2 to sell. To know the timings to place after market orders and other details, check out this blog.

      The market depth or snap quote window shows you only the best 5 buy and sell prices. You cannot see more than this on any kind of platform.

  118. […] Pre-market/Post-market/After-market OrdersZ-Connect … – Traders, 1. Pre-market Orders: NSE started the concept of pre-open session a few months back to minimize the volatility of securities during the market… […]

  119. […] Pre-market/Post-market/After-market OrdersZ-Connect … – Nithin Kamath Post author. Post Market Session also called Closing session is a special window provided by NSE for investors to close their trading positions if they …… […]

  120. […] Pre-market/Post-market/After-market OrdersZ-Connect by … – Traders, 1. Pre-market Orders: NSE started the concept of pre-open session a few months back to minimize the volatility of securities during the market… […]

  121. a says:

    Can i put AMO orders in between market.

  122. shanmuga priya says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Client ID : DS4069

    I just curious about day before yesterday buy order execution of Praj industries with 51 units at d price of 59.95.
    Cos i was placed limit buy order for Praj industries with 847 units at Rs. 59 only.

    How come like this ? Appreciate your kind attention.

  123. RS4432 says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am buying one stock at pre open market only the price will be increase . I will give you example
    ABC GAS stock :18:35 at pre opening only it will increase 0.30 daily it same .after that they wont be any sellers for stock and buyers will be in thousands. in queue .what is best way to buy these stock
    Thanks in Advance

    • You can place an after market order the previous evening, but stocks like these which are hitting upper circuit first thing every morning, there is no guarantee that it it will be executed. Unless you have sellers, your buy orders won’t get executed.

  124. RS4432 says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Thanks for take time and replying to my doubt . As you told early that all AMO orders are stored and sent to the exchange at 9.15 AM. At what time Pre-market Orders will sent to exchange. do we have and advantages buying on pre-market order.
    Because i seen at 9:04 only buying queue will be in thousands .
    that queue number will show from AMO or PMO or both .

  125. Meenakshi says:

    Hi Sir,

    Could you please explain the following:

    1) When I place an order during market orders, I think it gets executed in the last. I want to know that do all the orders get queued according to the time at which they are placed. I mean are the orders executed on a FIFO basis?
    2) Is there a way to bypass the queue and get our orders executed before other orders.
    3) I feel that small orders are executed faster than bulk orders, say if I place an order for 500 shares, it is executed faster than an order for 30000 shares. Is this true?

    • 1. Yes, all orders are executed FIFO. But when you place market, it gets executed immediately, there is no waiting as such.
      2. No
      3. Yeah, when you place bigger orders, that means you need more buyers/sellers to fill your order. So definitely, bigger the order size, the longer it will take for that to be executed.

  126. IvestorBangalore says:

    I see that NIFTY price starts changing at 9AM itself on Z5. Is this not strange? Expect NIFTY to change the price from the previous CLOSE price only at 9:12AM or so (based on pre-market trade matching).

    WHy is this?

  127. Sachin says:

    Is there a way by which the order is sent to the exchange(wih exchange order number being generated) sharp at 9am. I have seen this happening with other brokers and we also see a lot of orders placed sharp at 9am. These orders are placed automatically. Can you please guide how to place this type of orders??

  128. Aditya says:

    cai i buy shares using amo and then same shares sell in between market hours without that possible../?

  129. sagar Kulkarni says:

    Hello sir,
    I m new user of scheiss-leben. I have some of the following daught. Expecting help regarding the same.

    1. Suppose xyz company’s stock has closed at 200. And it opens at 210 on next day. So can I use pre market order to buy stock considering last closing prise.

    2. If I already know that xyz going to increase by 3%. Then I want to buy it early with minimum prise to make more profit. But when I see at 9.15am, I m getting data of that xyz stock which is already increased by 2 or 3%. Plz tell me what method I need to use for the same.

    3. Consider today is17-2-15. Can I buy xyz stock with its last closing prise of 16-2-15. What method I should use?

    4. Plz tell me the process of short selling using web app Z5. I saw there are two options SL- L, and SL-M what it means. Which one is better.

    5. Can I use credit/margin for short selling.

    Awaiting for your reply soon.

    Thank you…..

    • 1. Yes, you can.
      2. You can use SL-M buying order. So in the above case, you can before hand use AMO orders to place a SL-M (stoploss) buying order with trigger of 210. As soon as the 210 price reaches a market order to buy is sent.
      3. You can place an order with previous closing price on 16/2, but no guarantee that it will get executed.
      4. Check this post for stoploss orders. . For short selling you just have to place a selling order first (similar to how you would buy). To short sell for intraday, use the product type as MIS. These orders will be valid only for intraday. Check this.
      5. Yes, you can, but only till 3.20 pm.

  130. Vinod Kumar says:

    Mr Nithin
    We had been using Sharekhan since 2008. Now I had opened an account for my wife with scheiss-leben after seeing various posts and comments from people about discount brokerage. But disappointed with terrible performance of the platforms. Web based platforms are slow. Everytime login with login password, Image, two security questions and every trade authentication with trading password is unprecedented.

    Tell me where to see the actual profit made in a trade.
    In Admin positions
    if I buy of 100 shares of xyz at Rs 10. On the same day price moves to 15. Now unrealised profit shown is is Rs 500. Now if the share closes at Rs 15.
    The next day if the share is running at a price of rs 16, the unrealised profit shown is (16-15)*100=100, whereas it actually should be from my actual cost incurred. ie. (16-10)*100=600.

    My wife’s account is yet to get enabled for Pi. I do not know whether Pi got better features as Sharekhan’s Trade Tiger terminal. Sharekhan does not apply any cap of balance in account to give the services of TradeTiger.

    • Vinod, NEST/ZT is a vendor based software which is used by most brokerages in India, and yes definitely not comparable to Trade tiger. That said, with Pi and Kite (our in house software), I think you will see that it will not only match to trade tiger, but it can do a lot more in terms of backtesting, coding, and large amounts of data on the chart.
      Sharekhan has started charging Rs 10,000 for tradetiger which gets adjusted with brokerage. Pi final release will happen in the next two weeks, and we will have another criteria to determine active clients.

  131. Dear nithish,

    Is there any option to place an order on time baised. eg; placing an order in advance to buy @11.50pm

    • No Shyam, exchanges will consider that as an algo and not allowed for retail. In our new platform Pi, we have an option for you to code strategies. So it is possible to get an alert at 11.50pm, but someone has to manually still click on buy/sell.

  132. Shanmugasundaram says:

    My nifty option order(through basket order)),[8600 p e buy and 8500 PE sell ] got rejected. Reason it says adapter is down. How to rectify it

  133. Ashutosh says:

    I set up a MIS AMO trade for Buy-Limit=100, Sell-Limit=110, and SL-L=95. My Sell order got completed and buy order is still open, noting that the stock passed by the Buy-limit amount. What would have probably happened. What am I supposed to do now?

    • I guess the stock is trading around 110, so your sell order got executed. Your limit buy and SL buy is still below the current market price, so it is still pending. You have to either wait till it drops there, or else if you want to square off your shorts anytime you can modify the buy limit to the current market price.


  134. Harsh says:

    1. Can AMO be placed on mobile platform?
    2. I had a message rejecting my BTST trade as “RMS:Rule: Check holdings for entity account-DH0*** across exchange across segment across product”. Can you explain it?

  135. […] Pre-market/Post-market/After-market Orders – Z … – Traders, 1. Pre-market Orders: NSE started the concept of pre-open session a few months back to minimize the volatility of securities during the market… […]

  136. […] Pre-market/Post-market/After-market Orders – Z … – Traders, 1. Pre-market Orders: NSE started the concept of pre-open session a few months back to minimize the volatility of securities during the market opening every day…. […]

  137. Arun says:

    Sir, first I want to thank you for your investor education programs.
    Secondly I want to know whether AMO can be used for intraday trading or are they only for delivery.

  138. Santhosh Anchan says:

    Hi nithin,

    shell i buy a order using AMO in NRMLwhen i buy in NRML i getting error message rejected equity order are not allowed in NRML.

  139. rajnesh says:

    Can we use margin to place order (intraday) in pre open market session?

  140. Madhan kumar s says:

    Please help…….If i put my aftermarket order today 6:30 pm… When will my order send to snap quote…..Whether Monday morning sharp 9:00 AM or 9:15 AM………..I need this information………Please help me……………

  141. sandeep kumar says:

    sir i sell bliss gvs pharma at 157, then share goes to 158 to upper ckt limit.then there is 0 ask quantity.then it can be square off ?i sell in to square off in this condition?if do not happen till 3.30 then it can be square off in b/w 3.40 to 4pm.or it will be converted in delivery, without my consent.or ur software will automatically suare off after 3.20 pm,as i sell in intraday. HOW TO MINIMIZE LOSS.

    • Sandeep, that is the risk of shorting illiquid stocks. If it stays at circuit the whole day, it will forcibly get converted into a delivery trade. You will be required to give delivery in two days, failing which it will be treated as short delivery and you will have to pay auction charges. Check this post.

  142. Aman Aggarwal says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is it possible to ensure that your order placed in AMO reached NSE first compared to all other orders placed by all brokers. I am asking this because when I place order in sharekhan, it reached NSE first while in scheiss-leben it gets placed later. So, if I want to trade a stock with low liquidity, then there are chances that my order will not get traded in scheiss-leben but will get traded in sharekhan.

    Please clarify on the time stamping process of NSE.

    • Aman, it is basically luck of draw. Everyone will send orders at same time when market opens. Usually the first 15 to 30 seconds, getting ahead of queue is not really in the brokers hands.

  143. Madhan kumar s says:

    Hi nithin,
    What will happen to the following consequence……..
    If i bought 100 shares with MIS in 5x the value of the share…..I have only RS.20,000 in My demat account……..But i have bought the shares with value of RS.50,000…IF the share hits lower circuit ……..I am unable to sell my share………..What will happen next……..

    • We will be forced to take delivery, and we will ask you to transfer more money asap. If money is not transferred, it will get sold whenever the stock is next out of lower circuit.

  144. prem says:

    Sir when i place a MIS intraday order at market price, its not getting executed, only after 9.30 the same order is executed

  145. DK3060 says:

    First of all, thanks a lot for resolving each and everyone’s query.
    Can after market, pre market and post market orders be placed using scheiss-leben mobile app?
    If yes, then please mention the procedure for the same.


    • Hanan says:

      You can most definitely place pre and post market orders on the mobile, but after market orders are not enabled by design. When the mobile app was created, it was meant to be used on the go to place any orders if you’re not in front of your computer. For stuff like AMO, the developers presumed that you would use your computer. Although, now most of the people trade only using mobile or tablets – so we’ll have this fixed in the Kite mobile app.

  146. Jitendra Kumar Anand says:

    When scheiss-leben is planning to launch Kite app? Is it going to be android only app or will be available on apple store as well?

  147. Sandeep says:

    By when do you think you could start bracket orders on NEST or Pi for MCX segment?
    Is there any way we could help, like maybe petition MCX for this?

  148. Priyadarshee goutam says:

    Hey scheiss-leben. I am ready to open an account. But I do have a small query.

    If I want to buy a 1000. Shares of a XYZ company at price 5. But the company is trading at 5.50. As I will not be able to watch the market continues as a job holder.
    1. Can I buy 1000 shares of XYZ at 5 by placing which order?
    As whenever the stock comes to 5 my order should be executable.

    2.And if I want to sell same 1000 shares at 6, then which type of order I can execute.

    • 1. Place a limit buying order at Rs 5.
      2. Place a limit selling order at Rs 6.

      But note that these orders have to be placed daily as any pending order at the exchange end of day is removed from the cache.

  149. Vijayakumar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    AMO is very useful for traders who are not active during market hours or who are engaged in other activities apart from trading. Here order gets executed (either buy or sell), but how to place our stop loss and target for the same order when we are not before our trading terminal? In this case, how to sort out, either CALL AND TRADE and mention the target and stop loss to scheiss-leben staff or you have anything that can be done along with after-market orders for stop loss and targets. Thanks in advance.

    • You can place all the three orders at the same time if you have enough margin in the account, entry order, target and SL order. But if your order gets executed in the morning, you can definitely call our call n trade numbers to place SL and target. You can also use our mobile app or our new web app on your mobile browser .

  150. Mangesh says:

    Hi, If I want to buy exactly at the Open price, which type of order should i place?

    • You have to place a market order when market opens. But there is still no guarantee that it will get executed at open price as your order hits the exchange in a queue.

      • Mangesh says:

        the other way i am thinking is to put an ‘After Market Order (AMO)’ at 6.30pm one day before…
        will that work? coz our order would be the first in queue…

        • No Mangesh, doesn’t work like that. All brokers send there orders at one time at 9.15 every morning to exchange. So the queue at the exchange is a like a lottery.

          • Mangesh says:

            Ohhh…then its a big problem…
            actually i have developed a intraday strategy for options…which is working very well and giving consistent returns…
            but the requirement is to buy ”exactly” at open price…
            Can u please help me and give a solution ?
            eagerly waiting for ur reply

  151. satyapriya says:

    plz clear my doubt,,
    if crude close prie 3050 I place a AMO nextday before market opening at 3060, but market open at gap up 3080 is my oder execute or not, or ifit open gep down of 3040 then what happen about my order. execute or not. because all day price open with some difference. plz clear

    • All AMO orders are fired to the market after the market opens. So if it opens at 3080, your order becomes a pending limit order at 3050. If it opens gap down at 3040, your buying order will be like market order(since you have placed a buy at higher price) and will get executed at whatever price below 3050 market opens at.

  152. Ravi Mehta says:

    Hello Nitin,

    If I Buy Stock in after market Order and sell next day will it still be BTST. I am a new investor. first time in the market and this Zconnect helps me clear my doubts on the Pi and everything else. It’s Just like google to me.

    But I am all alone out in the ocean and trying to swim. how do we get some advise on what to buy or sell.
    What stock need to be bought and when it needs to be bought. If you don’t provide this service what do you recommend to all the young guys. Please let me know how first timer can go ahead with scheiss-leben.

    Ravi Mehta

  153. ankuraddicted says:

    Hello Nitin,

    Can we place limit order in MIS for Nifty futures during pre-open session?

    Would like to tell you that objective is to buy/sell Nifty futures at the opening price.


    • Pre-open is only for equity trading. But you can use the AMO orders to place limit MIS orders on Nifty fut. You need to know though that all such orders are sent to the exchange only after market opening. So it is as good as you placing an order at 9.15am. Getting the opening price is like hitting a lottery, very tough as lakhs of orders hit the exchange at the same time.

  154. Nitin says:

    Hi scheiss-leben,
    1) Can I placed the order before 9 am for FNO segment?
    2) Can I placed the order in between 9 to 9.8 am for FNO segment?

  155. Hello,

    After-market call (in commodity) never got executed. Not sure if I am doing anything wrong. I hope we can place AMO as MIS if placing it same day (e.g: I am placing the 5 lots shorts in crude at 9:45 AM today for today’s market).

    Other than that few queries I am having regarding the AMO in commodity:

    1. What if I place the AMO as market instead of limit? Will the order get executed at the open price? (E.g today crude opened at 2735 and with low of 2707, if I would have placed short order in AMO as market then will it have been executed short at 2735?)

    2. If suppose the order didn’t triggered at market open then will it get executed later on (after opening of market) when that value comes?


    • 1. When the market opens many orders hit the exchanges at same time, so your order will be typically in a queue. There is no way to say which will get executed faster. Yes you can place AMO as market orders. But like I said, no guarantee at what price it will execute.
      2. If it is a limit order, yes it will remain pending and get executed whenever that price arrives.

  156. Mithun says:

    is it possible to put buy and sell order in AMO order with limit price.

    I have limited access to internet. So I want to put both orders in the same AMO. Please let me know.


  157. srikanth says:

    I alrdy place AMO. But i wish to cancel my order.

    is it possible to cancel my order before trade starts?

  158. Hello Nithin,

    My pre-market/after-market are never getting executed in scheiss-leben? Can you please let me know what should be done to get the matter resolved?


    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Ankit,

      A broker only facilitates placing orders. Order matching & execution happens at the Exchange based on price-time priority. There’s nothing that can be done specifically for an order to get executed. If your order ranks up on the price-time priority the Exchange matching engines will match & execute these orders for you.

      • Hey,

        Thanks for confirming.

        Yeah I understand that but my concern is my pre-market order never got executed, Ironically my friend placed the pre-market with Angel at same time with same limit and it gets executed almost every time. Not sure what is the exact reason of this.

        Possible for to investigate the issue as I am really concerned about it??


          • Pradeep Patil says:

            I too have same query as asked above by Ankit Agrawal

          • Hello Nithin,

            Any update on same please??

            Today also same this has happened with me, I placed the SELL order (after-market order at 9:52 AM) in crude at 2963 and even though market opened at 2975 it didn’t got executed.

            It’s really disappointing to know that the similar order placed at same price and at same time with another broker getting executed.

            I am ready to help in every sense I can but I want this issue to be sorted. Let me know if it cannot be.

            Ankit Agrawal

  159. Davidson says:


    I want to have a better clarity on AMO orders and the difference between AMO & Bracket Order.

    Kindly confirm my understanding on AMO orders is correct based on the below example.

    Nifty has closed 7655.05 on 04th Sep 2015. I am Placing an AMO Order with a Target buy price of say 7670, SL-M (sell) as 7640 and Target Sell Price as 7710 on Nifty Future expecting that it would be bullish on 07th Sep 2015. But from the pre market period itself it is bullish and @ 9.15 the market opened at 7650 and going in the downward trend.

    1. Whether my AMO order would be executed or not ?
    2. Whether It would buy @ 7650 and triggers SL-M @ 7640 even though my original buy call was 7670 ?
    3. Whether two margins is required in AMO – MIS orders one for Buy and one for SL-M ?
    4. Whether there is any possibility in AMO or Bracket Order to execute the transaction only if my original initial transaction value is attained. In my current example only if NIFTY is 7670 buy should be triggered

    I found AMO & Bracket Order are one the same and the only difference which I foresee is that in Bracket Order SL & Trailing loss is enabled where as in AMO, SL & SL-M is enabled. Am I right or there is any other difference ?

  160. Davidson says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Thanks for your immediate response. I have clarification on your third and fourth response.

    1. Whether for MIS orders two margin is required. I heard that only for NRML orders you need two margins that is one for Initial transaction and another one for SL-M. Pls. confirm ?
    2. As quoted by you if I choose the SL-M (BUY) as 7670 then after order execution only I can place my Target value and SL-M (SELL) during the Market Hours.

    Actually I do have a challenge to be online during the entire trading hours. So I prefer to place an order before the market opens and gets executed as per my target value or SL. Else let it get square off @ 15:20 hrs. automatically.

    My requirement here is for example the NIFTY LTP is 7650.

    I should buy the NIFTY if it attains 7670 and I have to set a stop loss @ 7640 & Target as 7710.
    The Transaction should execute only if the above condition attains. The system should not buy if the market opens below 7670 or SL-M (SELL) should not trigger @ 7640. If it triggers and if I am not online the risk is unlimited in Options (since I have chosen the Call Option)

    Pls. let me know what is the best mode of order to fulfill my requirement without being online during Market Hours.

    • 1. Yes even for MIS, margin will be required extra if you are placing two separate orders. If you are exiting a position, margin is not required for 1 exit order.
      2. Yes
      What you are asking for is not really possible. You have to wait till ur entry is executed, and then u can place other two orders.

  161. Somak says:


    I want to know about short position in AMO. Can short through AMO without having the shares in my demat account? I mean to say just like intraday, but placing order in mo…

  162. RAVISANKR says:


    i have query regarding After Market Orders.

    suppose if reliance communication closing price on 18.09.2015 is 66.40 on nse, before market open on Monday ie. 21.09.2015 i heard some positive news about the company, and i place after market order on reliance communication at 21.09.2015 at 7.30Am, at what price my after market order executed whether @66.40 on 21.09.2015 and some other price, please confirm?

  163. Sudheer says:

    Can I place orders during 5-7 am. through scheiss-leben. i.e. When is the daily server downtime?

  164. Srinivasan says:

    Hi. I m srinivasan lakshmanan. I m using scheiss-leben since 5 months. I want to place a AMO after market close that is exactly 3.31 pm to 3.40 pm. When I place AMO order it is saying rejected by admin. Can u explain me.

    As u mentioned AMO is possible by After 6.30pm only. Then how can I place order during those period of time 3.31 pm to 3.40pm.

  165. Srinivasan says:

    Yesterday I placed two stocks in AMO. Every day I m trying, these orders become pending and cancelled end of market close. There s no sellers particularly for these stocks. How can get executed these stocks. I thought, if I place in AMO I can get these. Thats why I messaged you.

    How can I place PMO. Can I place order normally as I place order during live market. Please clarify.


  166. rakesh kumar says:

    respected sir,
    scheiss-leben customer care service is very busy. this no.8040402020 is always busy.plz dont ignor.

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  168. uma says:

    Today (sunday holiday) around 1400 hrs I placed After Market Hours order to buy Nifty Oct 2015, 3 lots. The order books says ‘rejected due to adapter down’. At the start of this blog it is mentioned that AMO can be placed between 6:30 PM to 9.15 AM, which I have failed to note. Whether there is any change in the timings now?

    Further it is mentioned in the top of the blog that “Please note that if you place any after-market order between 9:15 AM and 6:30 PM, they could all be cancelled by 6:30 PM”. A little confusion here. Whether I will be able to cancel any AMO order immediately after placing it?

    • Uma, if on a particular sunday we are running maintenance process, you will not be able to place orders. Best to try around Sunday evening.

      • Abheek says:


        I am holding 2 lots of call ( Tata steel ) and I tried to place an after market order. I got a green msg that order placed but I can’t find that in any of the window like notification / pending order or executed order. How I get the confirmation that my order is properly posted. I tried this from web browser just couple of hours back on Satday.

        Please guide me as I am new to KITE interface

        • Abheek, click on orderbook, you will be able to see the status of all orders. Check this . Also yesterday was mock trading day on the exchanges, so if you had placed any AMO during the mock time, it would be cancelled.

  169. aakash mishra says:

    how to buy ipo

  170. prashant patel says:

    hello sir,
    i want to trade nifty index in pre open i.e 9.00 to 9.07 with buy or sell… it possible in scheiss-leben if yes how?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      You can place regular orders for Equity segment only during pre-market session. If you want to place an F&O order, you have to place an AMO order which will be sent to the Exchange at 09:15

  171. uma says:

    Code is DU0347. I frequently come across this problem. During the morning hours Kite or Pie shows holding position as nil and account value as zero even though I hold positions. Today just now I logged into Kite and the value is shown as zero and position hold as nil. But I am holding long in Nifty Nov futures 675 numbers. Hence, there is hurdle in placing after market hour orders. Suppose if I place any order it gets rejected. Kindly rectify this.

  172. uma says:

    Thank you, Today at around 7 AM Kite dash board shows Total account value 0, Free cash -5,51,945.29 and Margin used 5,51,168.04 but this appears to be wrong also, All the positions are closed yesterday itself and free cash should be positive and there appears to be some error in the number shown. It appears any error gets rectified before market opening but there would be problem in placing AMO.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      We run some beginning of day processes which is why you may not be seeing right values. Check Q to get an update of your funds & positions. When you are placing an AMO it doesn’t validate whether you have sufficient funds/securities. It only gets validated when the order is sent to the Exchange.

  173. sandeep sharma says:

    Sir in pre-market session is there any extra brokerage charges for placing order as MIS product type ?

  174. Vijay says:

    scheiss-leben please add, global indices to the market watch list..
    This would be of great help.

  175. Amit Nanda says:

    I spoke to scheiss-leben customer care and also read the complete blog above regarding AMO. I am getting contradictory information from the article above and what was told to me by customer care; hence the question here.

    I have a position in Nifty Futures that I would like to square-off at the Open price (at 9:15:00 am) or as close to 9:15:00 as possible. There are 2 options:
    1. Place AMO as Market Order before the market opens
    2. Place a Market Order manually from Pi as soon as the market opens, that is, 9:15:00 am

    I was told by customer care that if I place AMO, the order would be executed exactly at Open price at 9:15:00 without any delay. However this is probably not true based on what is written above and the order would be queued up for execution in the next few seconds. There is a contradiction here. I guess what is mentioned above is correct (it would be queued up and it would take a few seconds to get executed as Market order for AMO orders).

    2 questions:
    1. Which of the above two options have greater probability to execute closer to 9:15:00 am?
    2. For AMO Market Orders, how much time in seconds (a rough range) does it typically take to get executed after 9:15:00 am?

    This is for Nifty Futures of near month, which are always very liquid.

    • 1. Place a market order at the open (not using AMO), greater probability of faster execution.
      2. AMO orders time is not fixed should happen fast. But worst case, it can take upto a minute or more. So if you are worried for the fastest execution, place a market at open.

      Will try to figure out whom u spoke to on our team.

  176. Varun Jain says:


    When are we getting GTC ( Good till cancelled) or GTD ( Good till Date) in Cash, FNO Market NSE ? This is quite necessary in today’s times

  177. Ramesh says:

    For Equity Delivery is After Market Order is available on non working days for example on weekends ?

  178. Pravin says:


    If i buy a stock on 3:15 PM today (delivery), is it possible to place an after hours order at 7:30 PM to sell the stock ?


  179. Santhosh says:


    I am following a stock and which is upper circuit from past two days. I am placing AMO at market price but still not able to buy that stock.
    What is the best way to buy these kind of stocks.
    1. AMO orders ? (How AMO orders will be executed)
    2. Pre-market orders between 9 AM to 9.07 AM ? (Whether to go for market price or limit ?)
    3. Market Open orders 9.15 AM ? (Market price orders or UC orders ?)

    Please clarify.

  180. sanjay says:

    Hello Sir,
    Is it possible to place an order say on friday then can it be get executed on saturday?

  181. Arpan says:

    Sir can I achieve following scenario using scheiss-leben pi
    “You place a buy order for RIL with a limit price of Rs 250. If the current price is greater than your limit price, order will remain pending and will be executed as soon as the price falls to Rs. 250 or below. In case the actual price of RIL on the exchange was Rs 248, your order will be executed at the best price offered on the exchange, say Rs 249. Thus you may get an execution below your limit price but in no case will exceed the limit buy price.”
    — I want to know that if limit buy price is not matching with current market price but market price is lower than my Limit Buy Price is it will not be executed at exchange rate (Which may slightly differ but is lower than my limit price)?

  182. […] Pre-market/Post-market/After-market Orders | Z-Connect by … – Traders, 1. Pre-market Orders: NSE started the concept of pre-open session a few months back to minimize the volatility of securities during the market opening every day. […]

  183. Johnny says:

    Its 1:50 AM right now and I have rebooted my system, logged-out and logged-in of NOW Software and still not being able to place an AMO. This is the error.

    Lib Error:om_store_after_mrkt_orders Request to NEST Failed

  184. s s Dahale says:

    Hi, how to but equities / features at z nest platform in POST CLOSE- 20 minutes 9 between 03.40 to 4.00 O clock, simply by pressing F1 ?or Shift F1 ?

  185. dhananjay says:

    iS THE MARKET OPEN TODAY – SAT??? My kite console is allowing me to trade. I sold one share of HDFC bank just to check and the transaction went through…..

  186. gopesh garg says:

    why are you charging rs 20 for AMO whereas zero for delivery orders

  187. Mad says:

    Hi Nithin,

    When can i expect a T+5 Margin product in KITE????

    Would be great if you get this done ASAP, so that we you customers would get benifited

  188. Bidhan says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Would you pleased to clarify the problem the retail/small trader faced in pi trading platform.
    1. what is the criteria for using bracket order? bracket order are not activated in pi, I tried it.
    Why should I place round figure in bracket order (fraction like 100.45, 100.65 could not be placed but 100, 101 could be placed)?
    2. Why limit order can not be placed in cover order within predefined risk band. why there is only market order in cover order system. why there is no target orientation in cover order?
    3. how to calculate leverage limit for individual stock?
    Thanks & Regards,

  189. sukanta says:

    there are some key term in after market order section like disclosed qty,validity(day,ioc) and type(day,amo)..Please mention how the key term are works?

  190. Sreekumar says:

    I can’t access system between 8.30 – 4.30pm. I want to enter in trade in premarket section. For this case which order need to give.?

  191. sujay says:

    can i place BO for executing nifty futures buy/sell in AMO>?????

  192. Rajesh Khatkar says:

    when i give market order in pre market session that are executed after 4 second of market open, why many time i see my order are executed 9.15.04 am. and i got some different price

    • Venu says:

      Would help if you can send us an email with your client ID and the date on which the order got traded. The time stamps printed on the contract note are derived from the Exchange trade files, so it’s unlikely that it’ll be wrong.

  193. chetan agrawal DC0160 says:

    In pre market session how it is possible –

    Buy on market price with SL-M. AND SL should be rs.5 down from execution price. For ex- if buy price 100 then SL -95. If buy price 103 then SL- 98.

    It is possible any how by bracket order, basket order, cover order, algo, pi or Any other way.

  194. chetan agrawal DC0160 says:

    in pre market session, can i place an buy or sell order with SL – M

  195. chetan agrawal DC0160 says:

    if stop loss order not allowed in pre market session then it is possible that i place an order without stop loss in pre market session and after execution of order add stop loss in continuous session i.e. after 09:15 .

    please reply as soon as posible

  196. Jignesh Patel says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is there any way to place a order for a week or so period on time. until successfully.

    I don’t want to place the same order daily.


  197. Robin Ramakrishna says:

    I am a scheiss-leben account holder & trader. Can Stop Loss orders be placed as AMO (between 6.30 PM & 9.15 AM. Thx

  198. Mahesh says:

    I want to place intraday buy order which should execute in pre-opening session . Could you please let me know the way to do that and which parameter i need to select to place the order successfully (i.e Order Type : Day,CO,BO,AMO etc and any other ).

  199. Ajay Bhatia says:

    Not yet ready to do it, but looking at some exciting set up for trading and need the clarification for the following:
    I wish to place AMO (After market orders) for 50 stocks to buy and place SL orders/bracket orders for another 50 stocks . Is there any easier way to do it through say some Excel sheet etc. or do we have a Software for it. Or suggest some simple way to do it. Thanks.

  200. sachin says:

    I am placing order through AMO for crude oil [commodity]
    opening flash;3194
    i am placing my order at 3211 on 9:59Am wheather the order taken or not.

  201. Madan says:

    Hi sir,
    Can I put some nifty futures AMO orders Saturday and Sunday anytime ?

  202. sachin says:

    HI sir today crudeoil mini [email protected]…… next second it goes to 3400 ….. using amo it put buy at 3364…. the order is not taken……….. what is the reason?

  203. Khraw says:

    What does stop loss means in AMO buy order? Is it means to minimised lost as in cover order or price to enter the market?
    Please clarify on this as I am confused.


    • Venu says:

      You can use the SL order to place a SL for your existing position or as an entry order to buy above a certain price or short below a certain price.

  204. naman says:

    hi, as i see the stock goes up by 1% or more less before we could enter in that after 9:15 . how could we enter in that.
    does the AMO do the trick and what price will i get the order executed if i place AMO. and if i place order at market price can i get price somewhere between the price after market opening and yesterday’s close.

    plz rply soon…will help me and some of my friends..

    • Naman, AMO or any other orders actually enter the exchange servers only after 9.15 am. So there is no way for anyone to get a price between yesterdays close and todays open.

  205. Thilak says:

    Hi Team, can i sell future stock during pre-market time 09:00-09:08. i am not able to place the sell/buy order for furture during this time.

  206. Uday Konkankar says:

    Today, 9 Jul 2016 (Sat), I just logged on through PI and found that trading on some stocks like TCS, Infy, Sun Pharma etc was ON. I even managed to buy some tocks of TCS. How is this possible when there is no trading on Sat. When tried buying more, error msg “Adapter…” was displayed. I tried AMO, earlier but “Admin rejected….” error was displayed. Kindly clarify as I am confused why there is trading on Sat. Thank you.

    • Uday, there was mock trading conducted by exchanges today. None of those prices are real, it is done to test out all the systems. We participate on every mock with the exchange, hence you see the prices changing.

  207. birendra saxena says:

    hi, i m birendra saxena .i m face truble, that dashboard,order,holdings,position, found are not properiy shon why ?how i escap from it? second how i can get ipo of L&T on 11july on scheiss-leben. i have satrted since 4th july 16

  208. Roshan says:

    If I trade after market hour.
    For ex -I want to buy f&O lupin in nse
    Current market prize is 1490
    So if I put a limit 1500
    And due to high volume next day market open at 1505. Will my order get execute @ 9:15 and if my predictions goes wrong and if lupin falls from 1490(current prize) as my limit I had put was 1505 will my order get execute.
    Ty in advance!

    • Venu says:

      Orders at the Exchange get executed on price,time priority. If your order to buy is the highest available bid, then it’ll get executed. If there are other bidders who’ve placed an order at the same price, the order will get traded in order of time priority. There’s no guarantee that placing an order at “x” price will guarantee execution.

  209. Sandip Marathe says:

    I want to ask clear my doubt about commodity AMOs. suppose markrt closed yest @3100.
    at nymex it went up.
    and if it seems to be jump directly at 3150 at 10:00 AM.
    suppose market opend @3115 and jumped to 3150.
    ie. open prize-3115, cmp 3150(@10.00 am). and low is 3115 i.e open prize.

    so in this case.
    1) If i hv placed buy AMO (SL type) @ 3120, will my order get executed?

    2) If i hv placed buy AMO (market order)
    at3150. will my order get executed and what prize?

    3) If i hv placed AMO( Limit order)@ buy @3120.
    will my order get execute and if yes at what prize??

    plzz answer.

    • Sandip, AMO doesn’t mean the order is placed on the exchanges before market open. All AMO orders placed by our clients is put in a basket and we send it to the exchange at market opening. AMO is as good as you placing an order after market opening. So,
      1. Can’t say, most likely no.
      2. Can’t say. It can be anywhere between 3115 to 3150.
      3. Can’t say. If you place a limit buy order higher than the current price, it as good as market buying order.

  210. Anshul says:

    Sir, I want to know how can we carry forward our orders to next day if it is not executed same day. it is very cumbersome to place same order everyday. is there any way otherwise??

  211. Sandip Marathe says:

    hello sir, Is there any way to get benefit of gap up or gap down we see in commodities..
    we generally see 20-30 points gap upnor gap down.
    Using nymex/comex cmp we can predict what price market is gonaa open.
    plz share if u have any method to get benefit of thus phenomenon

  212. Arun says:

    If I place a buy Pre- Market Order (9:00am – 9:08am) of an scrip at market price then…
    Will it get executed at the current price exactly at sharp 9:15:00 am ( So I don’t face slippages)
    Will it take some seconds to get executed. (Which normally happens when I place a market order at 9:15am, it gets delayed by some seconds and I have to face slippages ?

  213. Manowar says:

    there is an overlapping time of Pre-market and After market order between 9:00AM to 9:15 AM. Can you please tell me if AMO orders get automatically opened during pre-market session and chances of executon in pre-market session…?/

  214. Manowar says:

    I feel that there should be a digital clock at the top in KITE website to ease the customer to sell and buy at exact time. Every time we have to check current time in different website during premarket and closing market time.

  215. darshan says:

    hi, imagine… open price is 485, i have placed my amo order to sell at 484.50, and in the candle chart of the stock im seeing it from 484rs, will my order by executed ?? pls reply me

    • Raja Rajan says:

      Based on experience it was observed that AMO orders are sent into the trading system at 09;15:40 and by then the candle would have already captured the open price, Thus in your case the chance of your order getting executed is 50:50…

    • No guarantee. All AMO’s are fired to the exchange after market opening, so your order may or may not get executed if the 484 price is hit a fraction of second before your AMO reaches the exchange.

  216. Aditya says:

    Hi….do we have GTC (good till cancel) option in scheiss-leben ?

  217. Bharat Thakkar says:

    Sir, why we dont have “net position” in Pi.? It helps..Its there in NEST and really helps..Can you incorporate?..

  218. rahul says:

    Sir, If i buy XYZ company’s 200 Shares on monday evening at 7:00 PM, can i sell that XYZ company’s 200 shares on tuesday morning at 9:16 AM ????

    • Venu says:

      You can only trade during market hours – 9:15 am – 3:30 pm. You can’t buy shares at 7:00 pm. However if you’ve bought it during the day, you can sell it next day at 9.16 am. Such transactions are called BTST – Buy today, sell tomorrow transactions. There’s a risk though –

  219. Vikas says:


    On 2nd Aug 2016, HCL tech closes at 800 and on 3rd Aug morning(around 8AM) I come to realise that it will move up so I put MKT order at 9AM but it opens at 869 and my order get executed at this price and then it goes down for the rest of the day so, can any one tell me if there is a way to get profit out of this i.e. buy at “previous close” price and sell today at any price ??????????


  220. Manish Wadhwani says:

    how to place order after market in kite?

  221. Yuvraj says:

    good info.

  222. jithu says:

    Sir, how much leverage will i get if i have 1 lakh in my trading account for intraday trading ?
    Is there any extra charges if i’m using leverage or is it same like normal trading ?
    I”m from kerala and scheiss-leben is having an office in cochin.
    So is it possible to place my orders by calling to cochin office ?

  223. Anjali says:

    I have submitted application for Demat and equity trading account at scheiss-leben. With my existing broker Mangal Keshav, all my AMO go to Pre-market session at 9.00AM. Some are executed and remaining go to normal session at 9.15AM. May I request scheiss-leben to adopt the idea.

  224. Manowar says:

    Suppose LTP of a share yesterday was Rs. 10 and I expect the price will open at Rs. 10.15 on next day. If considering this case and I place two orders simultaneously during pre market session (buy @ Rs 10.05 and sell @ Rs 10.10). Please tell me if both orders will execute or not. will I get profit or not..?

  225. Aman says:

    Can we place a single order which can automatically be placed daily till its execution for Equity & Options.

  226. Muhammed Nihal says:

    From what I understand the current available leverage is 11x for MIS orders and 20.8x for BO.
    Is 11x leverage given for MIS orders without a Stop Loss? Will I get more leverage for MIS orders if Stop Loss is provided?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  227. Debkrishna says:

    Can i place AMO between 9:08 AM to 9:15 AM .

  228. Soumya Deep says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have seen this quite often that the open price mentioned in google finance or even in scheiss-leben Kite/Pi doesnt match with the open price at 9:15 AM or the open price of the first, 1 min candle. Do you have any idea why is it so?

    For eg, Today RCOM opened at 51.60 INR but we can clearly see that the open at 9:15 is 52.05 INR.

    Thanks in advance

  229. Anjali says:

    Pi should generate Alert if price is entered beyond a certain percentage of last traded price to prevent mistakes in order price. User Settings should facilitate selection of the percentage. Similarly an alert should be generated if the order value exceeds a pre-defined value to avoid inadvertent orders. User Settings should facilitate selection of the pre-defined value.

  230. Chethan says:

    Hi Nithin Kamath sir,
    I want to place a order in F&O during 9 to 9:08, which is pre open session, is it possible. Pls update me i am looking for broker who can give this facility..

  231. lokesh kataria says:

    Hello Sir,

    Can i place AMO in MIS or CNC

  232. krish says:

    hi sir how to apply ipo in kite or scheiss-leben i did n”t get in scheiss-leben kite

  233. Faz says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am new to trading and use Kite for last two weeks. I am unable to find some equities like WELSPUNIND, PRABHAT DIARY in /margin-calculator/Equity/ (Margin calculator). Last week also I tried to execute a BUY on a different Equity but it failed, I guess reason being it was not shown in MARGIN CALCULATOR. Is there any restrictions on some Equities in scheiss-leben . Please forgive if it is my ignorance.

  234. GAURAV DWIVEDI says:

    Hi nitin,
    Can I put a market order at Friday and expect it to be executed by Sunday?

  235. Jaideep says:

    How much leverage will I get if I use AMO?the same as bracket order?

  236. jaideep says:

    But BO gives upto 20 times leverage right?why cant AMO?

  237. Anand says:

    Hi team scheiss-leben,
    As known to all, BSE has put weekly/quarterly/yearly filters on many scrips & some good quality cos have stuck in upper limit. In such upper limit, chances are high of matching in premarket session. So, it will be very helpful if all AMO orders hit exchange at 9:00:01, and if not executed, carry forward at 9:15 market opening automatically. Many brokers are offering this. scheiss-leben users can’t place order sharply at 9:00:01 and miss many opportunities where other software based systems win. On October 1st, many filters are going to change. scheiss-leben should speedup if they are working on this already.

  238. shikher says:

    I am new and I want to open my 1st account in scheiss-leben with zero knowledge of ‘share market’. I need training… like: How to trade?.. etc, but not in documented manner. Do you have any good trainer for me? Any support?

  239. sunita says:

    hello sir
    when we buy shares in cnc, and after two days when we sell it . why it again shows in positions?
    suppose we buy it in 50 per share and sell it in 52, after selling it, if the share increases to 53 then in position it shows in loss with avg cost 52 in the same day . then actually what happenning either i had profit or loss? please answer me.or after that any process is there?

    • It shows in positions only for that particular day. It shows there just in case you decide to buy back again, in which case it will be an intraday trade. Any P&L shown after you sell CNC in positions doesn’t effect you at all.

  240. Darshit says:

    Sir if i place AMO after 6:30 PM, Can i modify it between 9:08 am – 9:15 am the next day. Suppose on 22/09/2016 ASIANPAINT closed at 1189. On 22/09/2016 after 6:30 pm I placed order for buying ASIANPAINT at 1195, qty- 500. Now on 23/09/2016 at 9:08 am the opening price of ASIANPAINT comes at 1196, can I modify my AMO of 1195 to 1196 between 9:08 am to 9:15 am ? Thank you.

  241. MILIND S UPASANI says:

    Hello, How can I place an order which is valid say for a month for a given price rather than getting expired in one session if that price has not reached ? I am a scheiss-leben Account holder, you can ask your rep to contact me if more details are required.

  242. […] the previous day itself. After market orders can be placed from between 6.30 pm to 9.15 am, click here to know more. Only CNC/NRML/MIS orders allowed as […]

  243. Bharat Thakkar says:

    Hi, I have 25-30 is it possible to uplaod a file for AMO for selling the scrips at any limit or stop loss price as against placing AMO for all scrips individually?

  244. Anjali says:

    How to know the closing price in post-market session in Kite. Market watch displays last traded price if no transaction is executed in the scrip in post-market session. No rate is displayed in Marketdepth if no bid exists. I think Post-market Order as market order are placed at last traded price if no transaction is executed in the scrip in post-market session and hence cancelled.

    • IF you are looking at equity, closing price shows up as C in the market depth. For F&O only LTP will show. Yes post market order is allowed at only one price, the closing price.

      • Anjali says:

        Yes, I am looking at Equity. I raised query because C in market depth is closing price of previous day. Today’s closing price is not available. Kindly review.

  245. vienodh says:

    Hi nitin,

    Can i place the order and execution of AMO by 9am of the trading day instead of BTST in future trades.

  246. Anjali says:

    How to know the closing price of an equity in post-market session in Kite. C in market depth is closing price of previous day. Market watch and limit order window displays last traded price if no transaction is executed in the scrip in post-market session. No rate is displayed in Market depth if no bid exists. Order gets cancelled when I select order type as “market” in post-market session perhaps because it is placed at last traded price if no transaction is executed in the scrip in post-market session. Today’s closing price of an equity is not available in post-market session in kite.

      • Anjali says:

        I am waiting for a favour.

        • Venu says:

          In the post closing session you can only place market orders at the ATP (Average traded price) that is declared by the Exchange which will also be the closing price.
          So in all likeliness, the closing price in the normal market will be equal to the closing price in the Post closing session.

          • Anjali says:

            In post-market session “Market order” displays price as zero. It always gets cancelled. C in market depth is closing price of previous day. Market watch and limit order window in post-market session displays LTP (not ATP) of normal session. No rate is displayed in Market depth if no bid exists.
            Today’s ATP is not available in post-market session in kite.
            How to see ATP ?

  247. tapan says:

    Hi, i have question regarding the pre order. Can we use this to short a stock even if we dont have that stock in our account for intraday purpose?

    please advice.

    thank you


  248. DP1423 says:

    Dear Kamath,

    Today when i try to put BANKNIFTY PUT Option of more than 250 lots in a single order, it is not allowing to place the order giving error message like” only maximum 2501 shares is allowed for my ID DP1423 across all segments) because of which i’m not able to put my orders quickly and lost the best rate for the BANKNIFTY06OCT19600PE at 50……Could you please let me know when i’m not able to put more than 250 lots at a time in single order itself what is the logic behind it for restricting it to 2501 shares in BANKNIFTY OPTION.


  249. dilip patel says:

    hi sir I want to know about short sell orders .what diffrace between orders like as a MARKET,LIMIT,sl,slm and bo,co,regular orders ..pls tell me …

  250. Vinay Mamgain says:

    Hi, Sir

    Can I place AMO sale order for any commodity in NRML ( Spouse I have one lot of Gold in buy) and I want to place AMO at 9.59 or before to sale the same when the market open.


    Vinay Mamgain

  251. Anjali says:

    Pending CNC equity orders should get cancelled at 15.30Hrs and blocked margin should be released so that buy order could be placed in post-market session.
    I could not place buy order in post-market session as margin was not released.

  252. Kaushik says:

    1) Can we place AMO MIS order with stoploss and target using kite?
    2) what is 1) price and 2) trigger in case of stoploss order?

  253. SURESH says:

    Great work. Good and quick response

  254. Shailesh Parmar says:

    Can we place pre-market order for F&O segment i.e. from 9:00 AM to 9:08 AM as we can do it for equity ?

  255. amit agrawal says:

    suppose i place AMO order on 20th october at 5pm and trade not executed on 21st october, so i want to know when AMO order will cancel which i placed on 20th october ?

  256. Manowar says:


    I always want to buy/sell share in pre market session but find difficulties in placing order on exact time i.e 9:00:00 AM. So please let me know as how to get the exact time(live) of NSE/BSE with accuracy of milliseconds. Actually I want to match my clock time as per BSE/NSE time.

  257. Harsh says:

    How to place a premarket order?

  258. Thambidurai says:

    Sir, I’m a newbie to stock market. I’m facing problem on placing orders of penny stocks such as Birlacotsyn. Even if I place order previous day evening, the order doesn’t get executed and finally gets expired around 3:30. Is there any specific trick/shortcut to buy/sell penny stocks? Is it due to disclosed quantity, which I never entered for any stock while placing order?

  259. Jaydev says:

    What is the validity of AMO? I am currently using and they provide VTC facility so the order can be place for very long time period. i.e. 15 days.
    Is this same with scheiss-leben also?

  260. Pramod says:

    Can we place am MIS order for equity in pre-market session and in AMO?

  261. Atheeq says:

    I had placed a market order (CNC type) post market at 3:57 PM today, but “Order Book” is displaying “Order Type” as “L”, whereas i think it should have been displayed as “M”. Let me know if you want me to send a screen of this is a bug, or correct me. Thanks.

  262. Chandrakant says:


    I have bought 50 shares 1 week ago and are currently in my holdings. If I place a CNC sell request using AMO with some limit for those shares, will it get sold from my holdings or will be considered as intraday trade and I have to buy them again the same day to book profit ?

  263. Ravindra says:

    Hi, Good article, can bracket orders and cover orders be placed after market ? Thanks

  264. manju says:

    Sir, I am new to this field Please clarify my doubt.
    1)If i purchased a particular company share on 21st november at 6:00 pm as CNC Product type In AMO, Then Closing price of that company share on 21st november is considered or next day opening price of that company share on 22nd november is considered??
    2) Can we do Buy/sell of GROUP B,XC,XD,XT company stock in AMO?

    Thank You

  265. gourav says:

    hello sir plz clarify my doubt
    I logged in kite at 8:50am and some stocks already show bid quantity means this no of quantity already placed in order
    then I place order 9 am my order is placed before or after this bid quantity ?

    • Venu says:

      Exchanges conduct pre market session for Equity segment that starts at 9 and goes on till 9.08. You can place Equity orders during such time, not before that. At 8:50, there will be no bid/ask showing

  266. Nizam says:

    Hi Nithin, Not sure whether I can post this question here. But I feel it is relevant. Sorry if it is not. Where can we find the charts for pre market session i.e the trading happened from 9AM to 9:07AM. Is there a way to find the high & low prices for that session for a given stock? I would like to know whether this is possible for NSE stocks. If possible then how? and where?


  267. Nizam says:

    Sorry. That link is working please ignore my earlier post.

    But, that link does not show the high and low prices for the pre market session. Also, those charts are not enlargeable and does not give any sense of anything. Some of them are straight and some of them are curved. If possible, can you please share some info on how to interpret them.

    Thank you.

    • How it works is

      Orders won’t be traded during 9.00 to 9.07 ie during order collection period thus no point of high or low. Order matching period starts immediately after completion of order collection period. Orders are matched at a single (equilibrium) price which will be open price.
      Also we can see the indicative open/equilibrium price and volume on market depth during order collection period, as the name suggests they are only indicative open and volume and are keep on changing based on demand and supply during collection period.

  268. sanket babar says:

    Hi, Can I place Intraday AMO. I meant to say, If I place AMO “BUY” on previous day let’s say @11 PM, will it be valid for next day’s Intraday..i.e Can I “SELL” that order in next day in between 9:15 to 3:30 Normal day session?

  269. Aakanksha says:

    Hi Nithin,
    As a person who can’t monitor the market actively between 0915-1530, I want to place order with my limits. But, if there’s no selling at my stated price limit, then the orders get automatically cancelled the moment market closes for the day. Why cant that order be valid till the execution is done at my stated price or till I myself cancel the order. So, in a nutshell, scheiss-leben has to provide a platform where the validity of the order should extend beyond the DAY, till the point the order is actually executed.
    Hope you will come up with some solution.

  270. Ajay Bhatia says:

    Sir, I have bought during mkt hours 100 shares under CNC ! I wish to Sell the same on the same day in Post Market Session. Pi not allowing me to sell with the message : “No holding” What is the procedure to square off the trade the same day in Post Market session? Regards.

  271. Jackson says:

    It says 3.30pm and my MIS orders getting cancelled and automatically executed by 3.21pm. Can you increase the time atleast for 5 minutes? Why it is so early when the actual time specified is 3.30pm?

  272. Hariprasad says:

    I purchased shares in BSE, till yesterday it was showing BSE. But today it is showing NSE market. Often it happens in my kite account. Why it happens?

    • Hari, by default we show NSE prices for LTP on holdings page since liquidity is higher. Once in holdings, you can sell on NSE and BSE, based on your convenience. Which exchange you bought it from doesn’t matter.

  273. Vishal Soni says:

    Do we have stop loss with AMO?
    Suppose I am bullish/bearish on some scrip and when it’s approaching some level I may want buy/sell it with stop loss. Do we have such feature!!

  274. Amit Nigam says:

    Dear sir,

    During what time can we place AMO after close of trading on Friday or after close of trading on a day before a trading holiday?

    Thank you

  275. Amit Nigam says:

    Dear Sir,

    Two questions

    1. What happens during 3:30 to 3:40? Is there any activity during this period?
    2. Are orders in derivatives segment allowed in post market session i.e. from 3:40 to 4:00?


  276. Hameed Abdul Kader says:


    I placed an CNC AMO for SYNGENE with a stop loss. but it was squared off the same day. whats the problem with this?

  277. Vaman says:

    I cant login at 12.30 am to 2am to place “AMO”. The error message is “MSG Error”, i dont understand what is wrong when you say AMO time is 4pm to 9:14am. And once around 3am i logged into to place AMO but application didnt display my holdings. This is something very weird and irritating.

    • Venu says:

      We run some processes between 1 – 3.30 am during which time you will not be able to access the system. Will check why the holdings weren’t showing. An AMO doesn’t validate the holdings, so you can still go ahead and place the order.

  278. Jagat Bandhu Bered says:

    how we can place premarket orders and post market orders??

  279. shikha gupta says:

    Hi scheiss-leben Team,

    I noticed 1 issue in Kite android platform, is that its not placing AMO orders to NSE on opening exactly at same time once the markets opens.

    Example- I placed a AMO for currency derivative before 9.00 AM today, but when I see in the order book it shows the time of 9.00.09 AM means there is a delay in sending the AMO to NSE by 9 seconds, it seems because of this my that order didn’t went thru and stands as open.

    Please see the attached screenshots where the order details is being showed in screenshot & in another it is showing the OHLC details of the USDINR derivative, as per the OHLC it goes below my bid price but my order didn’t got activated.

    I believe that because of this my order didn’t got executed.

    I faced this issue earlier also for equity F&O section….

    Kindly advice on this issue.

    I sent this mail to support team also…. please look into this…

    Shikha Gupta

  280. Vaman says:

    I’m not able to place AMO in Kite and not able to login between 1am to 3am to my account to place AMO. I tried to complain this by calling customer support but they dont understand and asked me to keeping trying. I really dont understand what is the issue.

  281. samir says:

    i want to place a AMO order for usdinr as a market order not limit order to get the first price of the day.
    just want to know that i will get the first open price of the day?

  282. samir says:

    thanks for the reply nitin. Then to get a best fill after the market open in first second. which order type is good to trade.please suggest.
    like if we have any news after the market close which order type is good ?

  283. PRAVIN MOKASHI says:

    Good Evening Nithin,
    I have been in the markets for over 2 decades & I must congratulate you for providing a good platform. I am just trying to test zherodha by making small trades.
    Is it possible to have Good Till Canceled orders in this system?

  284. Vishnu Badarayana says:

    Sir is it possible to place intraday AMO orders for tomorrow like for example Buy if stock future price is greater than